T. J. Houshmandzadeh shares all the reasons he’d take Josh Rosen with the No. 2 pick

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T. J. Houshmandzadeh joins Doug Gottlieb to talk about the 2018 NFL Draft. Find out why the former NFL WR thinks the New York Giants should take former UCLA QB with the No. 2 pick.

- You're number two in the draft-- you've got Saquon Barkley, you could take Chubb on the defensive side, you could help the off-- you got a good guard from Notre Dame, or you could draft the quarterback of the future, but he would sit behind Eli. What do you do?

- Me, personally, I'm drafting Josh Rosen. Josh Rosen would not mind sitting a year or two. He's told me that personally, so I do know that he would love to go sit and learn behind Eli. Josh Rosen is the best pure passer, I believe, in this draft.

You look at what he did at UCLA. He didn't have great talent around him, and he pretty much carried that team. And so you look at it and say, draft Saquon Barkley. Do they have the offensive line that is going to allow Saquon Barkley to flourish and shine? I don't think they do. I don't believe they have those type of guys up front. If Eli is on the tail-end of his career, if Josh Rosen has to sit-- two, maybe even three years-- then when he comes in to play, he's ready to go-- a la Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers type of deal.

- What about-- what about Darnold? You said he's-- that Rosen's the best pure passer. Where do you fall in with the Sam Darnold?

- I like-- Jordan Palmer is my guy, and I know Jordan is training him. I'm not really sold on Sam Darnold like everybody else is. He has an opportunity, like everybody, to be a pretty good player, but when you look at his performances at SC, he was surrounded by four and five star recruits at every position.

Every position at SC they're getting four or five star recruits, and he played well, but you look at the Ohio State game-- they dumped him. He didn't play well at all. They lose to Utah-- just certain games at SC would lose and he wouldn't play well-- and it's not like he doesn't have NFL caliber talent surrounding him at every position.

- But he did-- he had all new wide receivers, and he was having to run around back there and make plays on his own. I would actually-- I would say UCLA had inferior talent but superior coaching, whereas USC seemed to have inferior coaching and superior talent.

TJ HOUSHMANDZADEH: That doesn't bode well if UCLA has superior coaching-- those coaches are fired-- USC has inferior coaching, they still have a job.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: Yeah, yeah. There was a lot going on in that USC-- in that USC backfield.