Volunteering a Lie: Doug Gottlieb reacts to the news that Chip Kelly’s agent fabricated TN’s $6M offer

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In his conversation with Kristine Leahy, Doug Gottlieb reacts to the news that Chip Kelly's agent Trace Armstrong fabricated a lie that his client (Kelly) was offered $6M by the Tennessee Volunteers in order to stir up interest from other football programs. In light of Kelly accepting a 5-year, $23.3M offer to be the head coach of the UCLA Bruins, how does this make you feel?

- So remember during Tennessee's fiasco when they were trying to hire a coach? It was kind of messy and there were reports that they had offered Chip Kelly the job. Now we know that is not true, that never actually happened, because of a public records request.

They reveal that no offer was actually made and the reports originally said that he turned down an offer in the neighborhood of $6 million per year. Obviously wound up going to UCLA, but this was done to try to get competition from other schools, drive up his price. No word if that affected UCLA's offer to him, but I do find that pretty interesting.

- The whole thing, the fact that the former athletic director at John Currie at Tennessee, now his text messages have become public. That whole thing is fascinating.

- Text messages becoming public--

- Huh?

- Text messages becoming public sounds awful.

- Well, I mean, like, look. This is all part of-- goes back to the Patriot Act post 9/11 and it's public information. And he works for a public university, and it's on that university's phone, so.

- You would like to think that you'd have multiple phones.

- Yeah. If you're an AD or a drug dealer. Yes. Either one.

- You don't have multiple phones?

- I have had multiple phones, it's just I'm bad enough with one phone, so I generally work through one.

- Same. I literally don't check voicemails ever.

- Who checks their voicemail?

- Ever.

- Who checks their voicemail?

- I get people so mad when I don't listen to them.

- I get voicemails, and it's like if you can't say it in the first three seconds--

- You're out.

- You're out.

- Yeah. The transcribed feature has been nice, though.

- I agree.

- I like that one.