Colin Cowherd on LeBron ‘owning these baby dinosaurs’

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James after the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors last night.

- In Philly they call it the process, but in all sports it's known as the process. There's actually two going on in the NBA, there's that Toronto process, we'll call that the Canadian process. And then there's the Philadelphia process. So let me just say this, is that even with dynasties, and I don't see the Raptors-- let's start with the Canadian process. I don't see the Raptors as a dynasty. But even with dynasties, all time great teams, it's baby steps. John Wooden took 16 years to win a title at UCLA. Coach K, six year first final four.

San Antonio Spurs dynasty, Duncan, Pop really started year four, five, six. Shaq and Kobe, fourth year. MJ Pippen, fourth year. UConn women's basketball, the most dominant team in American sports, 10th year. Baby steps, baby steps. Not good, rebuilding, draft picks, recruits, sort of good, playoff good, eliminated early, eliminated less early, conference title, championship lose, championship win, baby steps.

So let's talk about the Raptors in Cleveland. So the Raptors, Canadian process, they were bad. Then in 2013, oh, they get in the playoffs. Lose first round. Next year, oh, get in the playoffs, lose first round. Next year, oh, they win a couple playoff series. Lose in the conference finals, semis. This year though, oh number one seed, number one team in the East, look unbelievable, offense is better, and they are, to their credit, the Canadian process is working. Six years in, this is the deepest team they've had, it's the best team they've had, it's the best coached team they've had. The Canadian process is working, but we also know the regular season and playoffs are different. And what works in the playoffs? Stars and situational late game excellence.

So guess who the Raptors played last night? Maybe you've heard of him, LeBron James. Yeah, LeBron was pretty good last night. It was one of those statement games for LeBron. He dropped 35, he had 17 assists, he didn't have a turnover. Did you see LeBron late in the game? Oh, he still owns these baby dinosaurs.

Let's be honest about this, the playoffs are about stars and situational late game excellence. "I got Bron player, you got DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry. I got next. Did LeBron retire? Did he evaporate? Was he traded? Oh he's still in Cleveland? Oh, OK." Yeah, that's why LeBron James is still the asteroid that's going to wipe out the dinosaurs again.