Colin Cowherd unveils why we’ll never see another LeBron James or Tiger Woods

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In his reaction to LeBron James putting up a stellar, 40-point performance against Giannis Antetokounmpo who many pundits tout as the next LeBron, Colin Cowherd unveils why we'll never see another LeBron James or another Tiger Woods. Do you agree with Colin?

- Here's the way the world works. We fall in love with certain athletes. And then over time, there's an athlete that we start comparing to that athlete, LeBron, Michael Jordan. And there's a lot of resentment because people loved Michael Jordan. And so when LeBron comes in and threatens Michael Jordan, there's a lot of resentment.

I saw this for years with golf. People grew up with Jack. And then Tiger started threatening his legacy. And there was a lot of resentment for Tiger Woods.

So what happens? You have a star, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus. We fall in love with him. And then there's somebody who challenges all time, their records, and legacy, LeBron and Tiger Woods. So what happens then?

We start to nitpick LeBron, Tiger Woods. They'll never be this. They'll never be Jack. They'll never be MJ.

And it's funny. Last night, the new LeBron, the next LeBron faced LeBron. 15 years in the league, the old LeBron's better than the next LeBron because there'll never be another LeBron.

People say Kawhi Leonard and Giannis are the next LeBron. They don't have his passing skills. They don't have his ball handling skills. They don't have his vision. They don't have his communication gifts.

And Giannis and Kawhi came into this league with no pressure. LeBron was on the cover of SI at 16, the chosen one. He came in with a ton of pressure and has handled it brilliantly.

There is no next LeBron, just like Tiger Woods. How many years did I have to hear Sergio, Justin Rose, Rickie Fowler, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, they're the next Tiger? No, they're not.

I used, when I used to take a lot of calls, you'd get golf pro after golf pro calling me an idiot. You don't understand. Rory's going to be-- there'll never be another Tiger. Because legends, there's no replica, just imposters.

Kawhi and Giannis are good players. They're imposters. They're not LeBron.

Jordan Spieth misses cuts regularly. Tiger didn't for a decade. Rory McIlroy in his prime disappeared for a year and a half. Tiger was front and center for 12 years.

The next LeBron is this LeBron. He's still the best player. And when I watch Tiger Woods coming back, the old Tiger being reborn is the new Tiger.

We waited for a next Kareem. There was never a next Kareem. There's never been another Magic. There's not another Tiger. There'll never be another LeBron.

There was never a next Muhammad Ali. There was never a next Shaq. There was never a next Walter Payton or Jim Brown.

Legends don't have replicas. That's why they're all-timers. I mean, Simon Cowell went on American Idol, and he was the cranky British guy, right?

And then every show that has come on that does the same sort of thing, judge singers, tries to find the next Simon Cowell. It's the cranky guy at the end of the table. And none of them, they're just imposters.

There is no replica. So last night, the next LeBron, Giannis, faced LeBron. And LeBron grossly outplayed him.

We are so consumed with finding the next. And the reason this is is because we love Jack Nicklaus. And we love Michael Jordan.

And it creates a certain resentment when their legacies and records are challenged. And so we want to get LeBron out of here. There's another guy that's just as good. Want to get Tiger out of here, Jordan Spieth, and Rory-- no, no, no, no, no.

In my lifetime, I'm in my 50s. In my lifetime, there's been like eight all-timers. Like Kareem, Magic, Ali, MJ, Tiger, LeBron, like there have been about eight.

And there's never-- by the way, I don't consider Brady that. I just consider Brady really good and Montana and Peyton Manning. I mean, but I consider LeBron, Magic, Kareem, MJ, like those are four of the greatest players of all time.

I mean, I could make an absolute argument. Those are the four greatest players I've ever seen in basketball. MJ, Kareem, Magic, LeBron, there are never, ever going to be a replica, just imposters.

Nothing against Giannis, nothing against Kawhi, nothing against Jordan Spieth, but I think the old Tiger coming back, that's the new Tiger. That's the closest to the drive, the passion, the power, the legacy, the history, the intellect. The old Tiger coming back, playing the masters as a favorite, that's the next Tiger.