Colin Cowherd reacts to LeBron’s Cavs defeating Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks

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Reflecting on the Cleveland Cavaliers 124-117 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks where LeBron James tallied a 40-point triple-double, Colin Cowherd reveals to Kristine Leahy the message The King sent to Giannis Antetokounmpo and the rest of the teams in the Eastern Conference as the 2018 NBA Playoffs approach.

- So take the Cavs. There's a sense this year with the Cavs, oh, my god, it's dramatic. Oh, it's fatalistic. Oh, the sky is falling. Look at the negativity. Look at the injuries. Now the coach is gone. It's just fatalism.

The Cavs won last night. They're third in the East with the world's best basketball player and now a perennial All-Star, Kevin Love, coming back. Let's look ahead for LeBron and the Cavs.

Whereas the Warriors have multiple injuries, the two best players, Kevin Love and LeBron, are back and healthy. They have 12 games left, many are dogs-- Dallas, Phoenix, Charlotte, Brooklyn, Knicks. They do face Toronto twice, but both times in Cleveland.

Right now, this morning, LeBron, the world's best basketball player, and perennial All-Star Kevin Love, and, of course, Jeff Green, who just had his best month, and veteran George Hill, and talented Rodney Hood, would open up playoffs against the Sixers. The Sixers are the team the media loves. The Sixers are the team fans are all excited about. So let's-- let's size up the Sixers and the Cavaliers.

First, LeBron has not lost a first round playoff game in the East in five years. The Sixers lead the NBA in turnovers. They have no playoff experience. The Cavs would have home court advantage. Their best player, Philadelphia's, is Joel Embiid. He plays 31 minutes a night. LeBron's the world's best player, right, the world's best player. He plays over 41 minutes. He doesn't lose first round playoff games. They don't lead the league in turnovers. They have a ton of playoff experience.

The sky, my friends, is not falling. The Cavs are a team loaded with veterans-- LeBron, George Hill, Kevin Love, Jeff Green, Tristan Thompson. Veterans, not kids, winning the playoffs. The Sixers' second best player is Ben Simmons. He's hit one three pointer in his high school, college, and professional career.

The media, social media, the sky is falling, drama, fatalism, negativity. Did you watch LeBron and Kevin Love last night against a playoff team, Milwaukee? Energized, healthy, focused, tightening up the screws.

Did you hear what Giannis said after the game about LeBron James? Giannis, I've been told, is the next LeBron. Giannis came out after last night and said, basically, yeah, everybody calls me the next LeBron, but 15th year in a league, LeBron still easily the best player in the league and in the world.

So as we hyperventilate and overdramatise and are overly fatalistic, just like social media does to my teenage daughter, the media does do the Cavs. This morning, they are locked into third in the East with a mostly easy schedule the next 12 games.

They're going to open with a team with no experience, whose star plays 30 minutes a game, and who's second best player can't shoot. I'm gonna take the Cavs. It's all good here.