Colin makes the case the UMBC upset over Virginia is not the greatest of all-time

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Colin Cowherd talks UMBC and the NCAA Tournament. Find out why Colin thinks UMBC's win this year was great, but not the greatest.

- I was alive. I remember where I was. I remember the headline when number one Virginia with Ralph Sampson-- the best college basketball player of his generation-- lost to Chaminade. I remember the headline in my local paper.

Here's how big of an upset it is. Chaminade wasn't an NCAA program. Chaminade wasn't an NCAA Division 2 program. Chaminade was an NAIA program that shares a gym with a local high school that had been in existence eight years as a program. And Virginia was stacked with juniors and seniors and the best college basketball player.

That was-- the only thing that rivals that upset in my life is Miracle on Ice, when four Russians on that Miracle on Ice team-- four of the Russians-- ended up as hockey Hall of Famers. Our college kids beat them. That is easily the biggest upset in my life-- easily. But Virginia losing to an NAIA program and Buster Douglas beating Tyson are easily second and third in either order.

Buster Douglas was 42 to 1. Buster Douglas-- I was in Vegas. I knew boxing. We didn't know who Buster Douglas was. Tyson was the most feared man on the planet. Tyson was knocking out excellent fighters in the first round. He was facing great fighters and scaring them.

Tyson's the only boxer I've ever seen that scared other heavyweight boxers. He lost to a guy nobody had heard of-- 42 to 1 odds.

Ralph Sampson lost to an NAIA program named after a plant that shares a campus with a high school. What you saw the other day is what college basketball has become. Think of college basketball as a former four star hotel. Now at a four star hotel, Christine, you can have an $80 room or you can get a really nice room for, like, $400, or the penthouse for $1,000 a night.

But college basketball used to be that. 16 seeds were the $80 room. And then you'd have the really, really good rooms-- like Syracuse would be a $300 room. Then you'd have the penthouse, where you had Duke with four NBA players. That was $1,000 a night.

It got new owners. And that hotel, now, is a two star hotel. Does that mean the crappy rooms are better? No. It means the top rooms have been let go. The carpet's worn. The sheets are gross. The lamp doesn't work. The paint's peeling off. The wallpaper's peeling off.

It's not that the 16 seeds have gotten better. It's that the one and the two seeds-- if they have an NBA player, he's there for a year. And Virginia doesn't have an NBA player. So this was two teams with a bunch of guys who aren't going to play in the NBA playing. And one team got hot and one team fell down and one team got tight.