Chris Broussard unveils why Oklahoma Sooner Trae Young is not the next Steph Curry

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Joining Doug Gottlieb and Kristine Leahy on The Herd, Chris Broussard unveils why Oklahoma Sooner Trae Young is not the next Steph Curry, noting that many NBA scouts are not that enamored with Young as they once were when the NCAA season first began. Do you agree with Broussard?

- There were people that would like to compare him, and his style is similar, at least in college, to Steph Curry. I've talked to people, like, well, you know, like he might be closer to Jimmer Fredette. Who do you think he's closer to?

- I do think he is probably boom or bust, where he's going to either be really good, maybe not Steph Curry, but really good or just a nondescript backup. I don't think Jimmer Fredette. I think his passing ability, his court vision is very good. I think he has that over Fredette. He obviously has a decent handle, will get better I believe.

I have talked to-- I haven't talked to most scouts in the league, but I've talked to several, and I've yet to find one that loves him. Most of the ones I've talked to don't like him. One told me a few days ago he's a backup point guard in the NBA. One just texted me earlier today, no way he's Steph Curry, doesn't like him.

Look, I understand that Steph Curry comparisons because his game, at this level, he plays just like Steph. Can finish at the rim. I thought, I don't know if you agree, I thought he was a good finisher in college. Obviously, the shooting range, the quick release, even the carelessness. I mean, Steph turns it over a lot.

- He does. He didn't turn it over a lot in college.

- Not as much.

- But he also played off the ball a lot in college, whereas Trey has the ball constantly in his hands.

- Yeah, and let's be fair, Trey is playing against much stiffer competition than Steph did. I mean, Steph was in the Southern Conference, Wolford, challenge of Charleston, all the that. Trey was going against legitimate teams in the Big 12. And half way through the season, once he established himself as his collegiate superstar, the entire defenses were focused and geared towards stopping him. And he still produced at a high level.

So look, I agree with you that he is far from a sure thing. You can never, with a small guard, say he's definitely going to be this or that. I thought Kenny Anderson was going to be the next Isaiah Thomas. You never know with a guy that small. So I wouldn't say he's going to be Steph. But I tell you what, if I'm picking between 7 and 12,

I would take the risk. I think he'd be worth the risk for the potential reward to draft him in one of those. Look, a lot of lottery picks don't pan out. I don't want to be like flippant with the value of a lottery pick, but there are tons that don't, I'd say more often than not, they don't pan out. So I would be willing to take the risk. When you look at the way Steph Curry has changed the game, if this guy could beat three quarters of Steph Curry, then that's pretty good.