Colin Cowherd makes the case for the Cowboys parting ways with Dez Bryant

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Colin Cowherd talks Cowboys and Dez Bryant. Find out why Colin thinks Dallas should probably find a way to move on from their WR.

- The one franchise in the NFL where the owner loves to be talked about is the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, that's why Troy Aikman is on Fox, and Tony Romo's on CBS, and Jimmy Johnson is on Fox, and Michael Irvin's on the NFL Network, and Moose Johnston's on Fox. Jerry Jones loves that. He calls these networks. He promotes anybody that's been a Cowboy.

Darren Woodson, ESPN. They love Cowboys on the air. They love to be talked about. You know the one team in the NFL we have not talked about in the last 10 days? The Dallas Cowboys.

And Tyrann Mathieu to me is a really interesting fit, because what they could use is an instinctive veteran safety on a team with young pass rushers and young corners, and mostly young linebackers. I think he'd be a perfect, smart, instinctive veteran fit as long as you get the right number. But the reason they won't do it my guess is is because of Dez Bryant. Because they're going to have a $17 million cap hit, or close to it if they resign Dez Bryant, right. If they keep him. And that's why I've said we should have a hashtag that trends dump Dez.

He is not worth $17 million. And I'll give you an example of how overpaid I think he is. I'm going to do the blind resume test. So I'm going to put up numbers that matter when you're a wide receiver. Now, one of these is Dez Bryant.

65 catches, 69-- over 800 yards, 5, 6 touchdowns. One receiver clearly catches a higher percentage of balls thrown his way. So let's unveil the blind resume. It is Dez Bryant and Jermaine Kearse of the Jets.

And there were also three or four other receivers in similar numbers. When's the last time you heard the story Jermaine Kearse, if you don't throw to him early in a game, he'll quit on you? Oh, you've never heard that story. When's the last time Jermaine Kearse, man, he'll blow up on the sidelines. Sometimes you don't even know why. Oh, you don't hear that story.

When you look at Dez's numbers-- by the way, that's with a team with a great running back, with a team with a good old line, with a team with a quarterback that's won 22 games in the last two years-- look at those numbers. Those are not $16.5 a year numbers. They're Jermaine Kearse's numbers. A good wide receiver.

$16.5 million is a great salary for a wide receiver. The average catch he made last year, 12 yards was 54th in the NFL. Six touchdowns tied for 26, that's just among receivers. Not good. Not good.

Maybe we should do that hashtag, dump Dez, cause it seems to me the only reason that Dallas wouldn't be interested in honey badger is because they got $16.5 million tied up in Dez Bryant. And I think the blind resume test is great. You take all the emotion out of it and I'm like here are the numbers. And then you unveil it and it's like, oh. You could do that with acting. You could do that with any business. Blind resume.

- How could you do that with acting?

- You could say, if I ran a studio, Sony or something. And I was going to pay an actor, and I just did blind resume-- Oscar nominations, Emmy nominations, last seven films how they grossed. If you take the emotion and the relationship out of it, because we all like certain actors more than other, and you went blind resume, it would be amazing how often you're overpaying for somebody like George Clooney who hasn't had a hit in forever. You take the emotion out of it and you do the blind resume test-- what are their ratings?

What are the numbers they're delivering to the theater? How many people are they driving in? Are they big on social media? Will they go on a late night talk?

Just put the numbers down and get out of the emotion, there are actors in Hollywood-- where is George Clooney's last hit? I mean I look at what he gets paid and I'm like, I'm sorry, but it's been a long, long time. When's the last bad movie Don Cheadle was in? Like, he's always in movies that work. Blind resume Dez is Jermaine Kearse with way more baggage and three times the cost. I don't get it.