Jay Glazer praises Packers for signing Jimmy Graham

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Jay Glazer joins Colin Cowherd to talk Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Hear what Jay had to say bout the star QB and his relationship with the team. Plus, hear his thoughts on Jimmy Graham signing with the Pack.

COLIN COWHERD: Michael Jordan always had a relationship with the Bulls where there was a little simmering resentment. Magic in the Lakers loved each other. Jeter and the Yankees loved each other. Glazer and Fox love each other.

- Love.

COLIN COWHERD: But there are these relationships, Big Ben and the Steelers, Michael and the Bulls, I kind of feel like Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay. The Instagrams, the quarterback coach, Jordy Nelson, I love you, you still got it but-- is there a little thing there where it ain't Jeter and the Yankees, and it's not Magic and the Lakers, and it's not Duncan and the Spurs here in Green Bay.

- Well, there's owner to go at it with. It's totally different. Right? There's no owner that you're going to-- you know, do I really fit with this guy or not. I think that you look at Jordy and the relationship, yeah, he may be upset. But I'm telling you what, he is definitely draining his sorrows with Jimmy Graham.

He's sitting there going, right now going, oh, we're OK. I think Jimmy so far has been the best pick up of any team out there.

COLIN COWHERD: So you think Aaron loves that?

- Oh, my god, I think he is-- because when they got Martellus Bennett last year, they were so excited. Like, oh, this is what need we need, we need this tight end, this safety valve, who can go down the middle, and cover two buster. And we need some personality in this locker room. Unfortunately, with Marty they got a lot of personality in the locker room, several of them.


- So with Jimmy, they're getting that player, that dynamic player that Aaron really hasn't had from that position. And it's interesting, because when he was in Seattle, it was like Darrell Bevell didn't know how to really use him. And with the Saints, he always knew, OK, in these situations, in third and short, I know where my role-- I know where I'm going to be. I know where-- even if I line up over here, and they cover this, Drew and I are going to make it happen over here. With Seattle, they almost-- and that was the one concern they had when they were trading for him, is are we going to be able to be creative enough for him. I don't know how you can't. But he just never really fit.

COLIN COWHERD: Seattle was a tough, punch you in the forehead team. Jimmy's a finesse, non-blocking tight end. I never-- I know why the Saints wanted Max Unger to upgrade their O line for Drew. But to your point, I never felt Jimmy Graham fit their culture.

- He fits-- it's not that he doesn't fit the culture of the offense, not the defense, but the offense, but, yeah, they just didn't know how to use him scheme wise. He is a great mismatch weapon.

COLIN COWHERD: Of course, he's a 6-7 guy who can run.

- And they couldn't figure really out how to-- Bevell couldn't figure out the best way to make that mismatch happen.