Nick Wright on LeBron: ‘He recognizes how absurd it is that he is the best player in the league for the 13th consecutive year’

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Nick Wright talk LeBron James with Colin Cowherd. Find out why Wright is so impressed with 'King James' and his performance this season.

- My favorite LeBron stat of all time, 28 in high school as a junior, 29 as a senior. He could have scored 50. That's not LeBron. He's not a stat monger. He never has been. He's very communal. This year he has acknowledged almost-- maybe he's trolling-- I'm really good. These stats are amazing. I think he's sending a message. Do you?

NICK WRIGHT: Well, let me ask you real quick. I apologize. What message do you think he's sending?

- I got no shot at the title, not going to move MVP. I am far from done. I am still the best player, and I will remain the most relevant player for years. So Lakers, Sixers, Houston, get your tickets ready.

NICK WRIGHT: So I don't think he's sending a message to Lakers, Sixers, Houston because those teams, already, he knows without question, want him, would move mountains for him, would do anything in their power to get him. And I don't think he agrees with you that they have no chance to win the title. I think LeBron goes into every playoff series saying we got the best player on the court, let's see what the hell happens, even if he knows they don't have a great chance to win the title.

I don't think he felt his team had a great chance to win the title two years ago when they won the title against the 73 win Warriors. What I do think LeBron is doing is LeBron has always been a historian of the game. And LeBron recognizes it's the reason he's including year 15 in a lot of his tweets and Instagrams. He recognizes how absurd it is that he is the best player in the league for the 13th consecutive year. For the 13th consecutive year he will be top 5 in the MVP.

If you don't think he was the best player in the year in the league in year three, you certainly agree he was the best player in the league the moment he did the 48 special on Detroit, scoring 26 straight games that basically ended that mini Detroit run. That was 11 years ago. He's reminding people right now.

Keep in mind, up until two seasons ago, LeBron in his first 13 years had 42 career triple doubles. So he gave you about three triple doubles a year. I know you don't love the triple double stat, but the players do. LeBron last year had 13, this year has 14. Last month was the first month he ever averaged a triple double. This month likely will become the second month he ever averaged a triple double.

He's reminding everyone-- because he is chasing Jordan's ghost, and it's going to be hard to get to the six rings-- he is reminding everyone, guys, when it's all said and done, it's going to be laughable that this was even a debate. He's going to lap the field in numbers. He's already lapping the field in the eye test from an all around basketball perspective. And every once in a while he wants to sit back and say, yeah, guys, guess what? I'm still way better than everyone.