Colin details why Tyrann Mathieu is a perfect fit for the Dallas Cowboys

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Colin Cowherd talks Tyrann Mathieu after he was cut by the Arizona Cardinals on Wednesday.

- Jay Glazer just broke the story here live on the Herd couch. Honey Badger has been cut by the Arizona Cardinals. Let me just memo to the Dallas Cowboys. This is exactly what you need. This is exactly what the Dallas Cowboys need.

Listen, I'm telling you right now that everybody thinks the Cowboys-- the Cowboys won 13 games two years ago, and nine last year. And that's with Ezekiel Elliott and Tyron Smith being hurt. OK. Like-- like the best left tackle and maybe the best running back after Todd Gurley in the league got hurt.

And their schedule was brutal last year. Their schedule lightens up this year. Tyrone and Ezekiel Elliot are back. Dallas has a good O-line, has found pass rushers, two excellent linebackers, a star running back. They've got their quarterback, an offensive minded staff. And they've got young corners who are really, really talented.

What Dallas doesn't have, they do not have an instinctive playmaker on the back end. That is exactly what Honey Badger is. That is exactly what he is. They've got, you know, the-- uh-- I mean, Goulet, you're a Cowboy fan. They have got edge rushers now. They have concentrated on it for three drafts. Taco Charlton played well at the end of last year. Uh, Lawrence--

- Yeah they have pass rushers.

- DeMarcus Lawrence.

- DeMarcus Lawrence. They have pass rushers. They have--


- They have a good linebacker when he's healthy. They have decent corners. They haven't had a good safety since Darren Woodson. They need a-- they need a playmaker on the back end. Because they have a bunch of good. They don't have any great.

- Yeah. This is Honey Badger out in Arizona. If I'm the Dallas Cowboys, perfect. He's a veteran. He's instinctive. He's what you don't have. Um, and right now, remember, Dallas is lucky. Dallas is going through that window that the Seahawks did with Russell Wilson. When you get a quarterback in the fourth round, you're not paying him anything for like three or four years. Those windows close quick. Once you have to pay Russell Wilson, all of a sudden you can't go out in the free agency market and overspend for Cliff Avril or Percy Harvin.

Right now Dallas is in that. Dak's making nothing. You're a quarterback for the Cowboys-- that is a small, tiny window that ends quickly. Dak's gone 13 wins and nine wins. You haven't paid him anything. OK? They have averaged eleven wins the last two years. You haven't paid him anything. So now this is one of these things. I would overpay for Honey Badger.