Colin Cowherd reacts to Kirk Cousins reportedly agreeing to a 3-year/$86M fully-guaranteed deal with Vikings

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Reflecting on the report that Kirk Cousins signed a 3-year/$86M fully-guaranteed deal with the Minnesota Vikings, Colin Cowherd reveals why Cousins made the right choice and is now on track to win a Super Bowl. Do you agree with Colin?

- Kirk Cousins, it's being reported, made the right decision. He's going to be a Minnesota Viking. This was the right call. Of course Minnesota overpaid for him.

Listen, there are a handful of things in life you overpay for. As they always say, central air in Arizona, overpay for it. A winter coat in the Northeast, over pay for it. A quarterback in the NFL, you're probably going to have to cut corners elsewhere.

They overpaid a little bit for Kirk Cousins, probably about $5 or $6 million a year. I don't love the deal, but I love the direction of the Minnesota Vikings. And it tells me a lot about Kirk Cousins, OK?

Because I've said this over and over again. Don't chase just money in life. Money is important. I get it. You've got kids. You've got college. You've got a future. You want a house.

Listen, money is important. Chase good management. There's a sea of money out there. There's not a lot of good managers.

There's not a lot of great NFL teams. There's not a lot of great scouting departments. Minnesota is really, really well-run. And the Jets, his other choice, are not.

Minnesota's got two legitimate game-breaking wide receivers, a star running back, a great defense, a solid head coach, a tremendous front office. And they play indoors eight guaranteed games-- actually nine if you count the Lions-- every year.

Kirk Cousins doesn't have the world's strongest arm. The Jets have no receiving corps, their tight end apparently leaving, their running game in shambles, a defensive head coach, we don't know how good he is, and they play all their games outdoors. And then they travel to Foxboro outdoors. And then they travel to Buffalo outdoors. And they play sold our home games in the NFL's windiest stadium.

And he's got no weapons. Minnesota has a surplus of weapons. Tight end, two receivers, two good backs. Now, I do believe Minnesota has to work on their offensive line. To me, it's the weakness of the franchise. But their front office has shown ability to patch up things and get really good players third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh round and undrafted players.

But this was an easy one, man. If you're going to get rich at both places, then don't worry about being the richest. If you're going to get rich working for this company and you're going to get rich working for this company, then don't make the rich thing the primary thing. The quality of front office, the quality of environment, the quality of weapons, the quality across the board was Minnesota. This was really a no-brainer.

I was writing something down this morning, and I was writing down, if Kirk Cousins-- I have it on paper here-- if he went to the Jets, it would tell me he's got horrible judgment. First of all, the guy has made $46 million in the last two years because he's been franchised.

So Kirk Cousins, I mean deep down in his heart, he doesn't really want to ever believe this, he's been overpaid the last two years. The last two years, he's been paid above his level. He is a B to a B-plus on his best night.

He's not an A. He's not quite as talented as Matt Ryan. I don't think he's quite as talented as Alex Smith. But he's good.

And I think he can get to a Super Bowl with Minnesota. I do. He's better than Case Keenum. He's not, not as good as Philip Rivers.

But I've watched Super Bowls for 40 years. If you have Minnesota's rosters with those receivers, that defense, that coaching, you can get to a Super Bowl. And that's what you're in this game for. Can you get to a Super Bowl? Minnesota now can.

And here's the other thing that absolutely jumps out to me. Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers, what have I been saying for years, have wasted five to seven years of Aaron Rodgers' career. They go from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers.

It never works out. That's the greatest handoff in NFL history. Forget all of Jim Brown's carries and Adrian Peterson's carries. The best handoff in league history was Favre to Aaron Rodgers. It never works out that way.

I mean, Michael Jordan leaves Chicago. Who's their next number one pick? You don't know and I don't either. There's a reason. That's the way it always works.

You always go from like a Kobe Bryant to a D'Angelo Russell or at worst, a Smush Parker. You never go from legend to legend. And Green Bay now goes into next year, I wouldn't make them a favorite to win the division.

Green Bay has done the impossible in the NFL. They have no cap space and a bad roster. Generally, if you've got a bad roster, Cleveland, you have a surplus of cap space. San Francisco is rebuilding. They need some pieces, a surplus of cap space. Green Bay has got no cap space and not many great players. And the ones they have, Jordy Nelson, may have to get rid of him.

I don't know how you do that. It's almost impossible in the NFL. I don't like their roster and they have no cap space. I mean, at least Cleveland's got picks and cap space. 49ers have picks in cap space.

So I think Minnesota with Kirk Cousins, this division has officially changed. It has officially changed. It will be the Minnesota Vikings division for the foreseeable future. Better roster, better weapons, the front office has shown an ability to sign free agents and draft really, really well first round and beyond and undraftable players, they've got them all over the roster as well.