3 reasons Richard Sherman wanted to sign with the 49ers according to Peter Schrager

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Peter Schrager joins Colin Cowherd to talk Richard Sherman after he signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

- All right-- Richard Sherman to the San Francisco 49ers. You're saying this is a very unique deal.

- Yeah. It's unique because Richard Sherman represented himself in the negotiations. Unheard of. And he did so with one of the top negotiators in the entire league. That photo you showed of Lynch-- the other guy is Paraag Marathe, who is the president of 49ers Enterprises. And he has done a lot of deals in his days. This Stanford MBA-- and they went head-to-head for 5 and 1/2 hours. And what is so unique is the response that we've seen from this. I have gotten over 20 texts from agents across the NFL world saying this is the worst contract they have ever seen on paper.

Well, why? Because they're incentivized by players using agents for this thing. What Sherman did was made it all incentive-based. He basically gets $3 million upfront. It says, if I make the All-Pro team, if I start every game, if I play this many snaps, and if I'm a Pro Bowler, I get extra bonuses. He said, I'm going to bet on myself.

What is an interesting wrinkle in this entire thing, guys, is that there were three major reasons why Sherman wanted to go to the 49ers. One-- this thing is a carousel. And if he walked out of that room on Saturday night, there is no guarantee another team was going to be there on Sunday. Two-- the Stanford connection, obviously, with them playing in Northern California. But also, John Lynch. And also, three-- he wants to play the Seahawks twice. I mean, he wants to do that. He is that kind of guy that has a vengeance in his heart.

And he actually called the Seahawks. This hasn't been reported everywhere. During these negotiations, he said, here is what the offer is. You guys have a chance to match this. John Schneider-- there was a lot of goodwill between those two guys. They've done a lot of things. Schneider and the Seahawks said, we can't match that. We don't want to match that. You can go sign that deal.

And so there he is. It's three things. And one of those major things was vengeance. And Colin-- I cannot wait to see the dramatics when he goes up against Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin this year.