Colin is not impressed with the Browns going into the 2018 NFL Draft

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Colin Cowherd talks Cleveland Browns. Find out why he thinks their off-season moves have been underwhelming so far.

- Twitter is weird. If I have to go on social media and read how Cleveland, oh my god, did you see what Cleveland did? Oh boy, did you see? It's, I'm out. Cleveland was 0-16. They added a corner, meh. A talented wide receiver and quarterback Tyrod Taylor. And now they're a playoff team?

0-16 Cleveland got a quarterback that Buffalo couldn't get rid of fast enough. Not just the quarterback, his salary. They got a quarterback that two Buffalo staffs have never embraced. The big get I'm told, is Jarvis Landry, wide receiver. Yeah, if he was going to Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees or Russell Wilson, that would be a deadly combination. Randy Moss to Brady matters. TO to McNabb mattered.

Jarvis Landry to Tyrod Taylor, call me cynical, I don't think it rises to champions of the AFC. Unless Cleveland drafts a quarterback named Sam Darnold, nothing at all will change. They are a mess at quarterback, in a division with Ben Roethlisberger. In a conference with Brady and Roethlisberger. And Andrew Luck's coming back, and Deshaun Watson and Philip Rivers and Derek Carr. And potentially, who knows, Kirk Cousins.

Like Cleveland was bad, they're still bad. Free agent wide receiver acquisitions have always been overstated, but they mean nothing if you don't have the quarterback situation right. And from the various reports, it sounds like Cleveland would be happy with AJ McCarron and drafting Saquon Barkley first. That is so unbelievably Cleveland.

Get the quarterback. He's sitting there. He played at USC. He played 24 games, he won 20. He threw for 7,200 yards, over 300 a game with an average offensive line and one dependable wide receiver in the first seven weeks of the season. Just go get him. You can get running backs later.

Tyrod Taylor's a nice kid. He's a C to a C-plus quarterback. Listen, Buffalo benched him, which I didn't like this year, for a guy who I thought ran a clothing catalog. His name was like Jay Peterman or something. Nathan Peterman or something? I was like, what?

So the Buffalo staff, which by all accounts, they made the playoffs, is a pretty good staff. They wouldn't embrace Tyrod Taylor. He's taken Cleveland to what? Two wins over Big Ben and the Steelers? You got a quarterback, he's there, he's available, he's 6' 3 and 1/2", he's 230. He's tougher than an $8.00 steak.

He's mobile, he's a playmaker, he wants to play in Cleveland as much as any young quarterback would want to play in Cleveland. Cleveland didn't get better. Until they get the quarterback right, they're not better. The Rams got better and the Eagles defensive line, which was already great, got even greater. Those two teams had an impact.