Nick Wright praises Chris Paul: He’ll go down as top-5 PG in the history of basketball

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Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd to talk Houston Rockets PG Chris Paul. Find out why Wright thinks Paul will go down as an all-time great when he decides to retire.

- Now my favorite point guard in the league forever has been Chris Paul.

- Yeah.

- I'm not saying he's the most gifted. But he goes to the completely dysfunctional. Even the owner was dysfunctional or worse in Clipper land. So he's with the Pelicans. One year, he makes them a three seed.

He leaves even with Anthony Davis haven't done squat. Goes to the completely embarrassing Clippers. They're a mess. And you know what? He didn't win as much as everybody else wanted, but they were-- one three different playoff series and were a viable team we talked about.

He leaves, Blake Griffin's numbers down, DeAndre Jordan's numbers down. And Chris Paul has worked beautifully with James Harden.

It's funny, but here's what's funny. He's a little bit the anti-Westbrook. Instead of like nonverbal and tunnel vision, Chris Paul's authentic, demanding, gruff, in your face. I love him. How much of the Houston credit is Harden and how much is Chris Paul?

- Well, listen, none of this is possible without James Harden. He's going to win the MVP this year. He has an argument he should have won it over the person that did win it two of the last three years. He has an argument he should be going on three of four years winning the MVP.

None of this happens without Harden and his offensive brilliance, a guy who was one of the three best isolation players in the history of the sport if you look at the metrics and the guy who allowed, basically gave the opening to Chris Paul coming there. But the difference in this team just being another really good Western Conference also-ran and a team that right now, and we can talk about this if you want, is the best team in the NBA, is Chris Paul coming there.

Chris Paul has been spectacular. And all the people who say, oh, he's never made the Western Conference Finals, please go through the playoff log and tell me when Chris Paul was on the better team and they lost. Tell me when Chris Paul's team lost to a team they were better than.

They were losing to 60 win Spurs teams. They were losing when they dealt with injuries. They were losing when his second best player was David West.

This whole idea that Chris Paul is some playoff choker as if he didn't hit a runner in a game seven against the Spurs to win a series is nonsense. This guy will go down as one of the five greatest point guards in the history of this great sport.

COLIN COWHERD: Love hearing that.

- And now what you've got in Houston, Colin, I mean, just tell me, if you're building a modern NBA basketball team in 2018, here's what you want. You want shooting. Houston's got that in droves. You want rim protection. They've got that with Clint Capela.

You want perimeter defense. They've got that with Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute. You want scoring off the bench. They've got that in the Sixth Man of the Year, Eric Gordon.

You want a elite point guard play as much as possible. They've got that for 48 minutes a night with Harden and Paul. And you want some toughness, not Zaza Pachulia nonsense, but some real toughness. They've got that with Nene Hilario and PJ Tucker.

My guy, Daryl Morey deserves a ton of credit for how he has built this team. And unlike Golden State, which does have some yeah, buts. Yeah, but the perimeter scoring, yeah, but the age is some of the role players, there are no yeah buts with Houston. Now Golden State's overwhelming talent might overcome that. But this is a perfect built 2018 basketball team. And oh yeah, it's got the maybe unanimous MVP.