Colin Cowherd: Westbrook and PG13 are ships passing in the night

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Colin Cowherd talks Thunder. Hear his thoughts on the dysfunction in Oklahoma City and why Russell Westbrook and Paul George aren't working well together.

- Last night-- it was one of these-- I left the show and I went-- and I had to go to the dentist, and, uh-- then I get-- I get home and I know what I'm going to do last night. Wife's watching Netflix or something. I'm like-- I'm watching Oklahoma City and Houston. And I'm going to take notes. Like, it's one of these games where I'm gonna watch-- I know I'm going to lead with it on tomorrow's show, which is now today's show. So I want to start with this.

You know a marriage is in trouble-- the line when you, like, file for divorce. She says, he says-- irreconcilable differences. Right? Yeah, right. But what they always say is-- what happened is, we were in love. It was wonderful. We raised kids. But we became what? Two ships passing in the night.

That means you live together. You raise the kids together. But you're distracted. She's distracted. You're busy. You're at work. She's at work. She's at soccer practice. You're at the piano recital. Two ships passing in the night. And what it means is, you're together in the same room but you're not really together. You're not emotionally together. You're not watching and paying attention to the other person's needs. It's called sacrificing. It's called marriage. And it's hard.

Last night, I'm watching 65 games in-- Paul George and Russell Westbrook. They're two stars passing in the night. They're on the same team. They're on the same floor. They're on the same left side of the floor. They are not connected. They are not remotely connected.

Let me give you an example, statistically, of how bad it is. Per 100 possessions when you're on the court together, the number one combo in the league is Kevin Durant and Steph Curry. The number two combo is Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. The number three combo is Chris Paul and James Harden. The 145th best combo is Russell Westbrook and Paul George.


This is getting worse. The marriage was bad four months ago. Now they're barely talking. They're the 145th best combo in the league together. One's the MVP. One's a perennial All-Star.

Now, Westbrook, in November, was trying to be-- excuse me-- he was trying to be a good husband. I'll bring the groceries in. I'll help with the kids. I'll take the trash out. He was shooting 17 times a game. But, eventually, selfish husband becomes selfish husband. You know what he's up to now? 28 shots a game-- 'cause that's who he is.

By the way, they're 14 and 2 when he shoots fewer than 17. You'd think he'd follow the stats. They're under .500 when he shoots more than that. Dude, stop shooting threes. Be a better partner.

Do you know how embarrassing this is? Steven Adams-- and let me make sure I get this name right--



for Oklahoma City are better together on the floor than Russell Westbrook and Paul George. OK? Hello! It's not getting better. It's getting worse. Westbrook, since the All-Star game, is 5 for 30 on threes. Paul George is now shooting 38% since the All-Star game. And it's getting worse because that's what happens to rocky marriages.

This idea that I hate Westbrook-- no! He's a remarkable talent. But he's impossible to play with. Kevin Durant leaves-- never been more efficient. Victor Oladipo leaves-- become an All-Star. Sabonis leaves-- numbers double. Harden leagues-- now the league's second best player. Paul George comes over-- all his numbers are virtually down. And it's getting worse.

This is just two stars passing in the night. You know what it's about, guys, who have been divorced-- women who have been divorced. You can be in the same room-- she's not listening. You can be in the same kitchen-- he's not listening. I watched this last night. No chemistry. No synergy. Next to each other-- not looking at each other. Body language is bad. No connective tissue at all.

Do you realize, right now, Russell Westbrook is dead last in the NBA in three-pointers for people who qualify? He's still jacking up 4 and 1/2 a game. Last night in the broadcast, they're, like, laughing at him.

The thing that really kills a relationship is when you're bad at something, you're stubborn. Like, by the way, when you first get married, it's hard. Man, I used to have the house to myself. It was all my condo. Oh-- OK, I gotta share a space. Gotta share a bathroom. I'm not saying it's easy. I'm not saying it's easy, but it dies if you're stubborn.

Stop shooting threes. You're terrible at it. Start passing more. Get out of the tunnel vision. Nobody said marriage is easy. But when everybody that leaves you is happier and more efficient, it's you, not him.

Two stars passing in the night.