Stu Holden breaks down how Messi vs. Ronaldo is a bit like LeBron vs. Jordan

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Stu Holden joins Colin Cowherd in studio to talk about Messi and Ronaldo. Find out why he thinks their rivalry is so intriguing going into the 2018 World Cup.

- You could make an argument, as we're 100 days out, that Messi and Ronaldo, in our world, they're a little like LeBron/MJ?

- Yeah, oh yeah, I mean, except they're playing in the same-- at the same time. I mean, we always compare the differences between the leagues now and back then. We have Messi and Ronaldo playing week in, week out against each other in La Liga, and then on the national team level as well with Argentina and with Portugal--

STU HOLDEN: Now Argentina's got a lot of players.

- Yeah, well, if we're going to get NBA comparisons, I'd say Argentina is more like the Warriors. If we're gonna go Warriors there, and then for LeBron, a.k.a. Ronaldo, with the Cavs.

STU HOLDEN: He's kind of carrying B players.

- But-- but make no mistake about it, when we're going to have this conversation eventually about who's the greatest player of all time, and we love having that conversation about LeBron and MJ, we love having in the soccer world about Messi and Ronaldo. And what it comes down to, there's always one big trump card there for MJ, right? The championships, the number of championships that he had--

STU HOLDEN: Ronaldo's got those, doesn't he?

- Well, he has one with Portugal and the Euros. Now, not the World Cup, both of them, when they look at this tournament, this is the one that they crave, that they crave to have that moment lifting that little shiny gold trophy, leading their country to the World Cup title, undisputed best of all time.

That would go a long way in doing that, and Messi went so far as, after they lost the final in Brazil in 2014, they lost the Copa America to Chile, he retired from international soccer.

STU HOLDEN: Yup, yeah. Yup.

- You remember, he was devastated because all the stuff going around the Argentine national team, and him personally missing a penalty in the final, he was just deflated and I 100% believe that he came back out of retirement because he wants to win a World Cup.

- You know it's really interesting, and this is the thing about sports, I don't have-- like, I watched Lindsey Vonn at the Winter Olympics. I don't watch downhill skiing, but I watched Lindsey Vonn. I just like great athletes.

Now I-- I've gone on YouTube, in fact I did it about two weeks ago and watched Pele videos. Giorgio Canalgia, when I was a kid growing up, played for the New York Cosmos. In the lexicon, in the world of soccer, you are a guy that knows the history, an encyclopedic knowledge. Is this MJ/LeBron? Are these, to you, the best two players ever?

Johan Cruyff was great for Holland, but are these the two--

- Yeah, I mean, Pele, you're going to have an argument for, Maradona you could throw in there as well. If we're talking defenders, you can talk Beckham--

STU HOLDEN: If you had to take one of these two--

- Messi, I'll take Messi.

STU HOLDEN: OK, so my theory is--

- And I'm going to have, right now, if I check my Twitter account, I'll have about 100 people saying, you know nothing, you don't know about Ronaldo, Ronaldo's the best.

It comes down to-- I just love the way that Messi plays the game, it's-- it's an art form. The guy's 5 foot 6", he's 130 pounds soaking wet, but still has an ability, just a balance when he's on the ball, skill, reading the game, carrying a team on his back.

He came-- Argentina were on the brink of not qualifying for this World Cup, in, what, the last game, what does he do? He scores a hat trick, and single-handedly takes his team to this final in Russia.

STU HOLDEN: That's like scoring 70 points in an NBA playoff game.

- How nice is that as a teammate to look around the room and you say, I know this guy, and every game he's gonna bring it.

- But generally, if you have two great athletes, I always fall on, I'll take the bigger one. Ronaldo is more formidable he's a bigger physical athlete, so that's who I would take.