Colin isn’t wavering, he’s sticking with LeBron in the East

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Colin Cowherd still thinks the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the East. Find out why Colin still believes LeBron James will lead his team into the NBA Finals, again.

- Arguments in politics never end, even when you lose. But in sports, you can definitively say, I won, you lost. So here goes.

Cleveland's going to win the East. They're going to win the East. They're currently a three seed. They've got a bunch of new players. Not only players, but starters. They're five and four in their first nine. And they've played some good teams. Detroit not withstanding, they've played some pretty good teams.

Now they're going to go on a six game road trip out west. It's pretty tough. They're going to lose at Denver. They're probably going to lose at Portland. They're probably going to beat the Lakers, Phoenix, and Chicago. They have a chance to go four and two. They'll probably go three and three, and everybody will go crazy.

I just want to remind you, just want to remind you, that last year at this time, LeBron and the Cavs were below 500 after the All-Star break. And Kevin Love had just had knee surgery. But they had Kyrie. They had Kyrie. Kyrie's in another team now, and he has no second great score.

So you can ride with Toronto, and you can ride with Boston, and you can ride with Giannis, and you can ride with the underachieving Wizards. I, my friends-- this is what's great about sports-- I'm going to ride with LeBron James, who has made seven straight NBA finals. There we are. See that right there? I am going to ride. Live in the now, guy. Live in the now, guy.

KATE: What are you wearing? Is that Mr. Rogers?

- Yeah, I do look very suburban. But you can say what you want. They're five and four with the new guys. Kevin Love is coming back. John Wall is going to be coming off an injury. Gordon Hayward officially is not coming back.

Do you trust Milwaukee in a big spot? Do you trust the young Sixers in a big spot? Kate, this is the advantage. LeBron, since he came back to Cleveland, against the East has six sweeps, is 9-0 in series, and is 36-5. I'm riding with that guy. And I feel good about it.

Mannix doesn't agree. This is why sports is great. In politics if you're wrong, you still argue you're right. In sports when you're wrong, you're wrong. So I'm riding with LeBron James.