Colin thinks you should take a deep breathe if you are panicking about the Cavs’ latest loss

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers after they lost to the Denver Nuggets on Saturday. Find out why he isn't too concerned for 'The King' and his team at this point.

- LeBron James and the Cavs lost to Denver 126-117. LeBron had a triple double. Nobody cares, right? Because it's not Russell Westbrook.

Is-- we hold certain people in teams to different standards. So right now, all I hear is, oh my god, man overboard. Cleveland's done. You can't trust them.

They're ter-- let's take a deep breath. The Boston Celtics, by the way, since January 1st are under 500 against teams over 500. The Cavs can't beat quality teams, it's a disaster. The Celtics in their fifth year of a rebound can't beat quality teams and it's crickets. The standards are higher for LeBron.

It's like Duke basketball. Every time Duke loses, it leads SportsCenter. The fans pour onto the court.

It is a national story. Duke loses. This year, they have six losses. Five are nail biters on the road.

Duke is my pick to win it all. I think they have a monster front court. Don't love their point guard.

They do have Grayson Allen. But they have a great coach, great length, great bigs, juniors, seniors, and a couple of great freshman. But every time Duke loses, it is a national story.

It's the same thing here. You do get-- I've got a bunch of good stuff happening with Cleveland right now. Number one is they're a three seed without Kevin Love.

Kevin Love in the east is an all-star. They're getting him back in a week to 10 days. They're a three seed. They're not like Oklahoma City, a seventh seed in the tougher west. They're a three seed in the easier east without Kevin Love and he's coming back.

The second thing is LeBron is getting regularly every other game a triple double. He's somewhat engaged. The other thing is they've got all these new players. They're foreign four.

And the teams they're losing to, like the Wizards and like the Spurs and the Nuggets and the Sixers, they're decent teams. This is a brand new club. They've played together for eight games.

They're 500. Denver got really hot. Boston, to me, has got big problems. Jason Tatum's hit a ceiling.

Marcus Smart almost broke his hand on a mirror frame last week. He's frustrated. By the way, Gordon Hayward is not coming back. And in their last 10, they're 5 and 5, and their only wins are against bad clubs.

And they're five years into a rebuild. Like, what is the standard here? What is the standard?

LeBron gets a triple double, crickets. Russell Westbrook gets triple doubles, MVP. Like, if you want to know a team that's in trouble, it's Oklahoma City because the west is way better and this is the easiest part of the schedule for them over the next three weeks.

And they're not crushing it. And if they don't impress Paul George, not going to stay in Oklahoma City. He's going to go to Los Angeles.

Oklahoma City has got a little crisis on their hands. They need to go on a seven game winning streak. They need to go on an eight game winning streak.

Houston's won 15 straight. You've got to do half that. You've got to prove to Paul George, hey baby, we can win some of these games showing up with our town.

Steven Adams, Westbrook, Paul George-- Carmelo's not what he used to be, but he's something. So I just think we do this in sports all the time. We have different standards.

And for LeBron, it's man overboard. Boston has the same problems. They're not getting Gordon Hayward back.

The Cavs are getting Kevin Love back. I like where they're at. I also think sometimes with LeBron, it's February. It's already March. He's waiting for the playoffs. He'll be fine.