Colin Cowherd unveils why the NBA playoffs would be ‘unwatchable’ without LeBron James

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Colin Cowherd unveils why the NBA playoffs would be 'unwatchable' without LeBron James. Do you agree with Colin?

- You know, I'm watching the Cavs last night lose to the Sixers. And I've said this, I've been talking about LeBron for like 14 years. I have some LeBron fatigue. But I really have Cleveland LeBron fatigue. And you know, there's a lot of people that are like, I can't believe you talk about LeBron. I mean, just think about the Eastern Conference.

Just think about the Eastern Conference. As of today, here are the playoff matchups in the East. There would be four series today, Toronto Miami, Boston Milwaukee, Washington and Indiana. What would be the really interesting one? Cleveland Philadelphia. That would be the one with Ben Simmons, LeBron, Joel Embiid, all sorts of drama.

And let's say the Sixers knock out Cleveland. Here would be the next round, second round matchups in the East. Oh good hell, Toronto Washington, literally, what cable channel is low enough to want that? Celtics Philadelphia, it was great in 1984. But Gordon Hayward is not around yet. And Philadelphia is not a championship level team. Boston would dispose of them very quickly.

So listen, you can say you're tired of LeBron. But look at the Eastern Conference without him. You know, I've got nothing against Victor Oladipo. Ben Simmons has made one three pointer in his career. He ain't going anywhere in the playoffs. I've told you, there are teams built for the regular season.

And there are teams built for the postseason. You know, Jayson Tatum is going to dry up in the postseason. Ben Simmons is not going to be a dominant player in the postseason. That's where the men take over. Kevin Love and LeBron, Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, you know, you're going to see those guys. Washington maybe, Wall and Beal.

You know, Toronto's got veteran players Gortat, DeMar Darrow's in. You know, that's what works in the postseason. So but-- for everybody like, I am fatigued by the LeBron Cleveland drama. And I watched them last night. And I'm like LeBron had one really nice move. Meh. You know, it is what it is. It's one move in an NBA game. It doesn't mean anything.

But I-- part of me is rooting for just a new story. I think Gruden to the Raiders, is really interesting. I think it's really interesting. Sam Darnold to Cleveland. OK. They finally have a franchise guy. That is interesting. And listen, I'm a Patriot fan. But even I have some fatigue with like an aging Gronk, an aging Brady.

They've been doing-- I would love to see them trade up and get a dynamic star running back, a star receiver. They're kind of rigid system-- I mean, I'm somebody that loves systems. I tell you, nobody likes Starbucks. But everybody goes to it. I'm a system guy. I like systems. But there is a certain fatigue when it's the same pieces in the system.