Colin Cowherd on LeBron smashing many of Michael Jordan’s career numbers

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Reflecting on LeBron James' milestone month of February where he became the first NBA player ever with 30K points, 8K rebs and 8K assists, Colin Cowherd compares LeBron's career numbers to Michael Jordan's.

- This week, LeBron did something pretty remarkable. He's the first player in NBA history-- and he's got like five years left, I would imagine. If he doesn't get hurt, he's got four or five years left and probably three great years.

30,000 points. And he's got 8,000 rebounds. And he's got 8,000 assists. So you know, that's obviously very good.

Now, it did turn people off when LeBron came out and said how great it was. And you know, I defended him. Basketball has never been a humility sport.

The coaches, Red Auerbach, Greg Popovich, Phil Jackson, John Calipari-- the coaches have egos. That's just what basketball is. It's you got game, it's you challenge guys, you talk trash.

Larry Bird's one of the great players of all time. Biggest trash talker in the world. Iverson. Michael Jordan. I mean, trash talking's just the way it is.

But I asked my team of people, because I'm not real mathy. I said, you know, if Michael is the greatest player of all time, just remember where Lebron's going to finish.

So I said, let's just say-- let's do some math here-- that Lebron's got five more seasons. And let's say he drops off 6% each year, meaning by the end of it, he is one third less of a player. He'll be good in five years, but he's clearly not the guy.

So every year-- and I don't think this is going to happen, but I'll be diplomatic, here. Every year he drops off 6%. His numbers next year drop off 6%. The next year, they drop off another 6% and another 6%.

LeBron will end up with 38,500 points. Best all time. Michael Jordan's at 32,000 points. He'll end up with 10,700 assists. Third all time, and 5,000 more than Jordan. He'll end up with 11,000 rebounds. That will be almost double Michael Jordan.

So he'll end up first in points. He'll end up third in assists. And I've always said, I don't base everything on championships. Charles Barkley never won a championship. Dirk Nowitzki did. I think Charles is a better player than Dirk Nowitzki.

Championships are about who you're around, who's your coach, what conference you're in. If Michael Jordan would have been in the west, he wouldn't have gone, arguably, to as many championships. He would have faced Magic and Jabbar in their prime.

So to me, I don't get-- I mean, Bill Russell's got 11. Jordan's got six. Does that mean Bill Russell is better than Michael Jordan? I don't think so.

But if you're just talking the statistical outlay, it's not that LeBron is going to be better than Jordan. He's going to destroy, often double, many of Jordan's records.

I mean, LeBron James is a lot of things. I've never thought of LeBron James as a great scorer. Kareem was a great scorer. Wilt was a great scorer. Kobe was a great scorer. MJ was a great scorer. Those are great-- Larry Bird was a great scorer.

Lebron's going to end up first all time in points. OK, if you look at the assist leaders, Magic and Isaiah and John Stockton, Steve Nash, he's going to end up as a power forward third in assists. And these numbers, as I extrapolate them out, are not necessarily accurate, because I'm saying he's going to have a 6% drop off as of next year, and that's probably not going to happen.

Jason Whitlock always compares LeBron, and I think it's apt-- he compares him to Wilt, that we've really physically never seen anything like LeBron. Now, Wilt's not the best center of all time. Many people would say Kareem was more disciplined, he was headier, he developed the singular most difficult shot to stop.

I think Kareem's better than Wilt. I really do. I think Kareem's the best center I've ever seen, the most dominant center of my life was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In my life.

Wilt was the physical exception. And that's where I say, if you think Michael's the better, he's not LeBron, physically. Lebron's the physical Wilt Chamberlain. In our lives, there's been two NBA players that are just different physically than everybody else-- Wilt and LeBron.

Doesn't mean Kareem wasn't better. You can argue Michael's better. But just physically, Lebron's a freak. I mean, he'll finish, like, second in the MVP voting. 15th year. And teams are making billboard to acquire him.

Michael, at 14, was done. It wasn't the same player. And that's having gotten out of basketball a couple of different times. Had years off of basketball.