Rams GM Les Snead expresses his expectations for Jared Goff and Sean McVay’s squad next year

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Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead joins Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy on The Herd to discuss what goes into how he rates NFL prospects at the combine and what sort of expectations he has for Jared Goff in terms of leading Sean McVay's squad next season.

- OK, so the Rams surprised the league last year. Now, we picked the Rams last year as one of the two teams in the NFL, Carolina, the other, that would double their win total. We liked your direction.

But now, you've got a first place schedule. Now, you're a target. Now, everybody's seen Sean McVay's cleverness in an off season. How do you ensure that you're just not this flash, this young, clever, smart franchise with a fourth place schedule that shocked the league? Now, you're a favorite in your division. Are you aware of that? Have you talked about that as an organization?

- Very aware. And I think, obviously, last year was successful. We were jacked about last year until the end. We were division champs. But-- and on paper, if we've got a young team that it looks like the future's bright, hey, that's on paper. And you know what was on paper this time last year? Not so bright future.

So we still are well aware that, guess what, the 2018 season is totally different than '17. What do we got to do this year that was similar to what we did this year to get us to this level, so we can move past that level? And that's got to be intentional, not just when the season starts, but this offseason, with the moves we make, with who we resign, who we don't, with how we get better and all that.

And a long time ago, way back when I first started with the Falcons-- and it was the year Dan Reeves took us to the Super in 1998-- we were awful in '97 in Atlanta. And then, we come out of nowhere in '98. But guess what? Every game was 1 o'clock Eastern, you know. And I remember Dan saying after going to that Super Bowl, even though we lost to the Broncos, you know what, next year is going to be different. Schedule is going to be tougher. Guess what? More primetime games.

So now, you're not in a rhythm. You've got to think about things of how you play on Sunday night late and then travel back and recover for the week. So there's so many different variables that you're talking about that you've got to be intentional about.

- By the way, Jimmy Garoppolo is now in your division. Do you drag-- I was talking to-- you know, Steve Keim, now, has to face your team, Goff, and Garoppolo, and Russell Wilson. And I asked Steve, do you want pass rushers? Do you draft at all, Les, looking at now, oh, god, I've got a potential Hall of Fame quarterback in Russell Wilson, this Garoppolo kid can play-- do you draft looking at other teams in your division?

- I think it's interesting. I would rather you not give Steve advice.


And pass rushers is good advice, though. You know, he's a competitor, but I really like Steve. But we could keep the advice away.


- But I do think-- I don't think-- I don't think you necessarily-- but I'll go back. You'll have to give me a piece of advice, just to make it up. But I don't know if you necessarily draft or change your team to beat others, because you've got to create-- your coaching staff's got to have their own identity to be successful and consistent week in and week out.

Now, what you can do, whether it's drafting or acquiring a piece of the puzzle or to help you, is maybe help defend a certain player or certain scheme from the other team. But from the big picture standpoint, I think all good-- all good teams-- you know what, I think Bill Belichick has his blueprint, and he acquires players to fit that blueprint. And yes, he will do things, probably, to take some other team's weapons away, but I think he has his plan. And he drafts for that plan.