Colin Cowherd reveals why Gronk is not abandoning the Patriots next year for a wrestling career

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Reflecting on recent reports that Rob Gronkowski is considering retirement from the NFL for a career either in Hollywood or pro wrestling, Colin Cowherd reveals to Kristine Leahy why Gronk is not going to abandon the New England Patriots next year. Will Gronk be a patriot next season?

- Here's what you'll never see in America, anybody ever say, young people say, "I love Starbucks." They have 14,000 stores in America. Internationally, they've doubled. It's always packed, even though the parking is often egregiously bad. But Starbucks is big and they're corporate and they're massive and they're number one. They don't lead their industry. They are their industry. The reason Peet's is here is due to Starbucks.

But people are like, "Ah, their coffee's burnt. They're too corporate. They put the little guys out of business." You'll never hear anybody compliment them. Yet, without commercials-- overwhelmingly, virtually no commercials-- 35 years, they are a monster. Doubled stores in the last decade, 14,000 in America. But you can't say you like them. It's not cool. Not cool.

It's also not cool as an NFL player to admit New England's got the best business culture. But they're not pro player. They are rigid. They've got a system. The individual's not as important. So nobody ever wants to acknowledge, Oh, crap. The whole league is either chasing them or copying them.

Rob Gronkowski threatened to retire. Then he came to his senses after our show ended yesterday. Gronk is going to come back to the Patriots. He should. He's good, and he'll never be Gronk on another team. He's Gronk because of this franchise. He'd be a good tight end anywhere else.

The end is near for Gronk, but that's OK, because let me roll the credits on Hall-of-Fame-level, pro-bowl-level stat-monsters and game-changers over the last 15 years in New England. Let's roll the credits.

These are players who have come and go in New England: Drew Bledsoe, Aaron Hernandez, Randy Moss, Tedy Bruschi, Ty Law, Darrelle Revis, Wes Welker, Logan Mankins, Vince Wilfork, Adam Vinatieri, Lawyer Milloy, Matt Light, Jerod Mayo, Asante Samuel, Mike Vrabel, Rodney Harrison, Brandon Me-- Willie McGinest, Aqib Talib. These are great players, pro-bowlers, couple going to end up in the Hall of Fame, including Gronk.

But it's not cool to say you like U2, the garage band. Hey, I was the first to know, first to know those guys. U2 actually, every time they tour, sells out every stadium they're in and leads internationally in tour sales. And Starbucks is a monster, and your coffee shop is here because of Starbucks. Nobody used to go hang out at coffee shops at 4:00 in the afternoon.

And the Patriots-- look around the front offices of the NFL-- are being copied by everybody. Even Philadelphia has a New England feel to it. Lost several stars, still won a Super Bowl, created an offensive system with a backup quarterback can win games.

Gronk's not going to retire. People in his ear, they're not cool. Other coffee shops, way cooler. It ain't Starbucks, and there's no other franchise in the NFL like New England.