Ray Lewis says that the Jaguars not paying QB Blake Bortles would have been a huge mistake

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Ray Lewis joins The Herd and disagrees with Colin Cowherd about the Jacksonville Jaguars' decision to pay quarterback Blake Bortles as much as they did. Ray compares the situation to what he says was one of the biggest mistakes in Baltimore Ravens history when they let QB Trent Dilfer go after winning the Super Bowl in 2000.

- All right, so Blake Bortles signs with Jacksonville. And I think he's OK. I think they had a really good defense and they have a great running back. And I think Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson got hurt in his division and it all worked out. I don't know if I'd have paid Blake Bortles that kind of money. Would you have played-- paid Blake Bortles that kind of money?

- If Blake Bortles takes me to the AFC Championship, and puts me in position to beat the New England Patriots, and he's not on the field to lose it? Absolutely, I'd pay Blake Bortles that money. You know, 2000-- one of the biggest mistakes we made in the Ravens history--

- Yes.

- --was we go and win a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer.

- Yeah, why didn't you bring him back?

- Why don't you bring Trent Dilfer back?

- You brought Elvis Grbac.

- Which we don't know. They know Blake Bortles. They know his-- they know his abilities. They know his strengths, his weaknesses. They know all of that.

- So you guys were rooting for Dilfer to come back?

- It-- it wasn't even rooting for him to come back, because we didn't even know that they were going to cut him. So when we found out, it came like a shocker to all of us. Like, the Ravens just let Trent Dilfer go. Are you serious? Like, how do you-- how do you get better from a Super Bowl quarterback, right.

Because what we had learned from him, and similar to what Blake Bortles and Jacksonville's learning from each other, we know what Trent can do well, and we know what Trent can't do well. But we do know this. We know what we've just done together. And we're willing to go try that again. It took us a 12 year stint--

- Yeah.

- --to get back to another Super Bowl. We went through, what 17 quarterbacks?

- God.

- No, but you gotta--

- I just texted Trent last night.


- You got to think about it. I mean--

- Wow.

- Colin, I'm telling you, if-- you know, I'm-- I'm counting on one hand, an opportunity of at least five to six Super Bowls that are supposed to be in my closet. But we made that decision. So when you ask me, Blake Bortles-- look, I think Jacksonville has something very special.

- There's a comfort level.

- Absolutely. Absolutely.

- OK.

- Now, from a defensive perspective, you know, a lot of people keep saying, great, great, great. I think they're really good.

- They're not great yet.

- They're not great yet.

- They're not-- they gave up. Pittsburgh played them twice and moved the ball up and down the-- let's not go crazy.