Colin Cowherd: ‘I’ve never seen anything like LeBron before’

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James after he reached 30k points, 8k rebounds and 8k assists for his NBA career during Monday's game against the Nets.

- LeBron James last night became the first player-- holy moly. Let me look at this-- the first player ever to have 30,000 points, eight rebounds, 8,000 rebounds, and 8,000 assists. That's never been done. Only four guys ever have reached 25,000 points, 6,000 assists, and 6,000 rebounds. That's only four guys ever. OK? He's at 38 and 8 with at least five years left.

After the game, LeBron was understandably happy and proud of himself.

- I've always prided myself on being a triple threat player. I'm not a scorer. But I can put the ball in the hole. I rebound the ball to help my teammates, offensively and defensively. And I love to get my guys involved. I don't like to be compared to anybody. I feel like I'm a one-of-a-kind player. I'm a player that this league has never seen before. And I take a lot of pride in that. And I want to continue that in the near future.

- Whoa, there is a lot of ego there. Do you know the most popular athlete in American sports history? Muhammad Ali. When I say Muhammad Ali, what are the four words we associate with him? I am the greatest.

Basketball has never been a humble sport. Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich, John Calipari-- egos, vanity, condescending, and arrogant. If I say to you Kobe and MJ, Wilt, Iverson, Shaq, Barkley, Byrd, you think humble? Go to your local gym. Some 5'9" and 1/2 scrub, overweight, can barely dribble with his left hand, is talking trash. Baseball is about respecting the game. Golf is a gentleman's game. But basketball? You got game?

LeBron James should be proud, is proud. And I have no problem him telling me he's proud. Basketball from AAU on is a sport of showing off, individual endorsements, swag for the best player, slam dunk contests, three point shooting contests, rewarding the individual. No mask, no hat-- see me.

Even the way they light the arenas, the fans are dark the floor is lit. It's a stage. LeBron is great. He makes others great, and says he's great.

By the way, John Wall and Westbrook are beloved, and I'm told great guys. But they play selfishly. LeBron, I'm told, is an egomaniac. But yet, when I watch his game, he elevates others.

LeBron James is the first player ever-- 30,000, 8,000, 8,000. Only four-- only four-- have gotten close. He's got five years left. And for those saying, he's so into himself, can I remind you of Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech? We pick and choose the egos we like. I am the greatest. We wrapped our arms around him.

I wouldn't want to be my kids and face the burden of being Michael Jordan's kids. We cheer for it. LeBron's saying, I'm the kind of player we've never had before.



Honestly, Ali was the greatest. It is a burden being Jordan's kids. And I've never seen anything like LeBron before.