Colin Cowherd refutes the idea that Anthony Davis should be considered a MVP candidate

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Colin Cowherd talks Anthony Davis after his huge game last night. Despite big numbers though, find out why Colin isn't buying AD as a MVP candidate.

- You know sometimes, I've I've long held the belief that the NBA has three seasons-- before the trading deadline, after the trading deadline, and the playoffs. And the NBA is run by veteran players. Veteran players mail it in before the trading deadline, pick their spots in the second half of the regular season, handful of games matter for the Warriors, LeBron, Celtics, and then they're all in on the playoffs. They want to win series, they want to win them quickly, they want to get rest. They care. That's one of my rules in the NBA.

The other rule I have, and I'm just going to make this one up. If you're going to be an MVP, you have to have won a single playoff game ever six years into the league. I'm reading a story from another NBA reporter-slash-fanboy who's looking to fill space. The headline today is, Anthony Davis is playing like an MVP of late. They've won six straight. Yes, they beat Brooklyn, Miami, the Suns, Detroit, Milwaukee, and the Lakers without Lonzo Ball.

Half the games have been in overtime, won in double overtime. Six years in the league, averages 65 games a year. He teases us every single year for a month. And they've got a six game winning streak over some mediocre teams mostly. Lakers without Lonzo, Brooklyn, Suns, Detroit-- Detroit's not a playoff team in the east-- Miami, and now he's an MVP. Stop. Stop.

He averages 65 games a year, meaning he misses 20. He's never around when people actually watch the league, May and June. Anthony Davis going to wreck this league. I'm still waiting for the wreckage. Listen, he's a really talented guy. He's 1 and 24 since he entered the league against the Warriors. Actually he's, 1 and 19. Of course he missed five of the games, he was injured.

He's not a reliable physical presence. He is a remarkably talented player, but a lot of his points don't matter. They just don't. A lot of his games don't matter. And he doesn't match up against better teams. By the way, he's 1 and 19 against the Warriors, a lot of those games when the Warriors weren't a dynasty yet. I like him, he's talented. But good lord, this is starting to feel a lot like Blake Griffin, where you kept telling me year, after year, after year, Blake Griffin, have you seen his numbers now without Chris Paul? Everything's coming down. Anthony Davis is a good player, really talented. That's it. Stop. Never in six years won a playoff game.