Colin Cowherd: People validate mediocrity by claiming everyone else cheats

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Colin Cowherd talks NCAA investigations. Hear his thoughts on the culture surrounding college basketball right now.

- There's this NCAA story this weekend, and Arizona and their coaching staff paid $100,000 to a recruit. It is real easy for you to validate your average program by claiming everybody cheats in college basketball. No, they don't. Butler got to two Final Fours. Brad Stevens didn't buy his players. He recruited them and developed them.

Gonzaga doesn't cheat. The guy that coaches Virginia doesn't buy players. Either does the guy at Michigan. I don't know if every guy does, or I should say I don't know every guy who does and every guy who does not, but people love to validate their mediocrity by claiming, yeah, my parents liked my sister more than me. No, your sister was smarter than you. That's why she's more successful. Your parents didn't love her more. That's not the way parenting works.

And not every coach cheats in college basketball. Rick Pitino did. Not every coach cheats. Your team doesn't win because your coach isn't as good as Brad Stevens or Mark Few or that guy at Virginia who slows the game down. They're better than your coach. That's why they win more. Nick Saban is better than the coaches in the SEC. He's not buying them, he's developing them.

That's what average fans do to validate the mediocrity of their program. It's what average people do in a family. My sister's more successful because my dad loved her more. It doesn't work that way. She's smarter than you. You hung out on social media. She got a job.

Not everybody cheats in college sports. Some do. It's unfortunate. But they don't all cheat. People in America don't all do any one thing. Not everybody loves the beach, and not everybody loves seafood, and not everybody loves yoga, and not everybody cheats on their wife, and not everybody cheats on their taxes, and not everybody cheats in recruiting. Many do. It's unfortunate. But nobody in America does-- everybody never does any one thing. Sermon over.