Colin Cowherd’s reaction to Dez Bryant saying everybody that isn’t with him ‘can kiss his a**’

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Colin Cowherd talks Dez Bryant. Hear what Colin thinks of the Dallas WR's comments about his critics and what the team should do moving forward.

We have a football topic-- it is the NFL combine this week. Dez Bryant did not have a very good year for the Dallas Cowboys-- had a lot of drops, he can no longer separate, I think he wears out Dak Prescott. And it was supposed to be a big year, right? Zeke got suspended, meaning they needed him. Jason Winton's old. They needed him. Backup running backs-- they needed him. Left tackle got hurt-- they needed him.

He averaged 12 yards to catch-- 54th in the NFL. Had six touchdowns-- not even top 25. Less than 850 receiving yards and less than 70 catches. It should have been a great year for him. Building that relationship with Dak. Instead, this weekend, he was interviewed-- oh, and he is all in-- Dez is-- on Dez.

DEZ BRYANT'S VOICE: I'm going to make my mark. I don't care about what nobody's talking about. I can care less. Everybody ain't with Dez Bryant-- they can kiss my [BLEEP].

- Boy, let me ask you something-- do you think when you complain in life matters? I do. If your wife just gave birth after 16 hours of labor, probably not the time to complain about how uncomfortable the chairs are in the waiting room. Worry about her. If your wife's all-- up all night-- the baby screaming and kicking-- she's feeding it. She gets back into bed at 3:00 in the morning after four hours of that-- probably not the wrong time to complain, hey man, you woke me up.

When you complain in life matters. Dude, you're owed $16.5 million salary and bonuses. That's about what the Jags just paid a quarterback. You had a lousy year. You really did. A lot of drops, pain in the you-know-what. Should have been your biggest year.

You appear to be struggling to maintain a relationship with a really good kid in the future of the Cowboys-- Dak Prescott. Now is not the time to go third person and insult members of the Cowboys, who certainly no longer need you. Here is one thing I know about Dez Bryant. As a wide receiver, he can no longer separate. It's time for the Cowboys to create some separation of their own and get rid of this clown. It's time to build the next great Cowboy team.

Here's a guy off a bad year, and the rival in the division, the Eagles, just won a Super Bowl without Carson Wentz, and he's coming back. Should have been your biggest year. They owe you now almost $17 million in a salary cap league, which is about what the Jags are going to play on an annual basis-- Blake Bortles-- and you're telling people to kiss your you-know-what. Bye bye.