Colin Cowherd: ‘The Process is Latin for tanking’

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Colin Cowherd talks Philadelphia 76ers. Hear why he has some issues with their rebuilding process despite a bit more success this season.

Ben Simmons hit a couple of free throws. Sixers edge the remarkable Chicago Bulls by a point last night. Getting a lot of feedback on social media. The birdie, social media, Twitter. What do you think about that, Cowherd? I think you lost 200 games in three years. And the process didn't work.

You're not close to winning a second round series. As of today you'd open up with the Cavs or the Celtics and get swept. Philadelphia is a seven seed in the East. Yippee. Every time Joel MB jumps, you hold your breath. Number one pick, Markelle Fultz, bust. Can't shoot.

Ben Simmons, like him a lot. Not a great shooter either. The process equaled 25 draft picks. You hit two home runs. One guy can't shoot and one's injury prone. Multiple top picks, including Fultz are a bust.

So Mark Cuban got fined $600,000 for using the phrase tanking. The process is Latin for tanking. That's what you did. By the way, your rebuild is five years old. And you're a seven seed in the East.

The Boston Celtics rebuild is four years old. And they get to the Eastern Conference championship. So I like their rebuild. The difference is, and if Gordon Hayward was healthy, they would be getting to the finals.

The process has a nickname. The Sixers rebuild is called The Process. Boston's rebuild doesn't have a nickname. Houston rebuild doesn't have a nickname. Philadelphia's does.

OK, slogans. Slogans work. Sacksonville, New York Sack Exchange. Legion of Boom, Orange Crush, No Name Defense. You know what the 2000 Raven's nickname was, we're going to kick your ass for four hours. Their other nickname was, we're so good we'll win a Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer. They didn't have a nickname.

The Process, five years in gives you seven seed in the East. And you're holding your breath when MB jumps. I like Ben Simmons a lot and MB is a funny kid and talented. But big guys get hurt early. They get hurt late.

Boston's rebuild doesn't have a name. It's got a great coach, smart GM, doesn't have a name. And if Gordon Hayward doesn't get hurt, they're in the NBA finals. And they been doing it one less year than you have.

Houston's rebuild, it never tanked. And they have a chance, a really good chance, to be the only team in the NBA that gives Golden State a battle. Philadelphia, you're a seven seed in the East. You beat Chicago by a point last night.

I love Ben Simmons. I really do. I think he's just, listen, I was the one that couple of years ago, I'm like, you've got to take him number one, period, end of story. I don't care if he can't shoot. Kids can learn to shoot. Six 9 and 1/2 guys come off the conveyor belt, see the court, finish at the rim, ball handlers, that's just a rare all time quality.

But I'm not making much of the Sixers. I'm not. They're going to end up playing Cleveland, Boston first round. See you. Thanks for flying United. Four games in, four games out.