Colin Cowherd unveils why the world is ready to see LeBron playing with KD and Steph on Warriors

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Colin Cowherd unveils why the world is ready to see LeBron James playing with Kevin Durant and Steph Curry on the Golden State Warriors. What would this do to LeBron's legacy if he left Cleveland for Golden State?

- Lebron's going to go to Golden State. That's outrageous. I'm going to ask two questions. Number one is, why do we celebrate when baseball free agents go to the Yankees? Bryce Harper is going to be a Yankee. We would celebrate that.

Giancarlo Stanton allowed a trade to the Yankees. It was nothing but celebrated by all of baseball's media-- Tom Verducci, Jayson Stark, Buster Olney, down the line, all the great baseball guys. Giancarlo Stanton, can't wait to watch it. Why do we celebrate that in baseball?

Duke basketball just landed the top three high school basketball players. That is celebrated. USC fans here in Los Angeles, Ohio State fans in Columbus, Georgia fans, oh, they love when they get all the best players in their region. It's almost like a monopoly, but if LeBron goes to Golden State-- and by the way, his career now-- and you're to blame for this, not me.

You only judge him by titles. He's not Michael because of titles. Why wouldn't he pursue titles? So that's the first thing. We celebrate greatness accumulating in Silicon Valley, on Wall Street, in baseball. In some way, we're outraged with LeBron joining Golden State.

Second thing is history is kinder than we are in the moment. Alex Rodriguez now is called World Series Champion Alex Rodriguez. There are no qualifiers. A year and a half ago, you hated Kevin Durant. By the time he won the finals, you were arguing-- now I was arguing against this-- you were arguing, he's better than LeBron. He is now World Champion Kevin Durant.

So we get overheated in the moment, but history shows, we just assign those titles to you. We just assign those titles to you. This is why the best part about being successful is options. Poor people don't have options. The less talented have fewer options, but there's a reason Meryl Streep gets the best script. Tom Hanks, Denzel, you know, they get the best script. De Niro use to.

That is maximizing your talent. Whatever deal, whatever business you're in, the greater you are, the more options and quality you are offered. So if Golden State said, hey LeBron, we'd love for you to join us. Isn't that just maximizing your opportunities?

And by the way, if LeBron went to Golden State, he wouldn't be riding coattails. He wouldn't be a seven point a game guy. He would probably, honestly, change the culture a little bit. They'd be a little tougher. They'd be a little less finesse. They'd be a little less-- how could I say this-- fatigued after a year and a half of being really good. LeBron would probably toughen them up a little bit.

Like, ask yourself, be as honest as you can. Would you rather see LeBron join Sacramento? Would you go to the sports bar in town if he was a member of the Nuggets? Or would you call your buddy and be like, dude, Warriors on TV tonight against the Lakers-- LeBron, Steph, KD, Klay, Draymond. What game would you go to?

Lebron's proven his greatness. The Cavs have a championship. Just say that out loud. The Cavaliers have an NBA championship. The football team was 0 and 16. The baseball team, do they have one since when, 1948? The Cavs have a championship. He's proven his greatness, but if you were honest with yourself, this is more of an envy and jealousy thing. If he was a member of that team tomorrow, you could not wait to watch them play.