Colin Cowherd: ‘Today is LeBron Day in America’

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Colin Cowherd talks LeBron James. Find out why he thinks NBA players owe him a debt of gratitude for another day off after the All-Star break.

- Used to be, after the All-Star game, play resumed last night. But it did not resume last night. Play resumes tomorrow night. So tonight, players get a day off, because LeBron championed to commissioner Adam Silver a longer All-Star break. LeBron went to the commissioner and said, commissioner, it's not really a break. You ask us to go to the cities All-Star weekend. We go out there and support the league. We deserve a real break.

And so the commissioner extended, due to LeBron campaigning for himself and other players, to get a longer break. Today is LeBron Day in America. Basketball players who play professionally get an extra day off. By the way, LeBron also voiced concern about the number of back-to-backs in the league. He once again said to the commissioner, we're making these owners a lot of money. TV ratings are up. We play 82 games a year minimum, often 15 more in the playoffs. And the commissioner extended the season by a week, therefore fewer back-to-backs.

Should be noted, the NBA All-Star game this year was better than it's been in years. Why? Because LeBron decided to play defense, and the players followed suit. I don't think Lebron's going to win the MVP this season, and he didn't win it last year, because some point guard got 10 rebounds a game. But his valuable, also influential and impactful, isn't valuable, mood-altering, legislation-changing, then LeBron has no peer.

Should be noted, the NBA in the last two weeks has talked about this one through 16 playoff format. Why would that be? You know why. Because if LeBron bolts to the Lakers, or goes anywhere West, including Golden State, ESPN and TNT, who pay $1.4 billion a year, will complain. We get the Eastern Conference? We don't even get LeBron? Today is National LeBron Day. He campaigned for two more days off for NBA players. They got it. He changed the All-Star game. Fewer backs-to-backs. One through 16 seeding considered now, due to LeBron.

So when you write most valuable player, you fill that ballot out for a guy with a beard in Houston, just remember who is the most impactful player in the league, and as far as I can tell, impact equals valuable.