Colin Cowherd gives five reasons the New York Giants need to draft a QB

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In his reaction to reports that the New York Giants will not draft a QB with the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, Colin Cowherd gives five reason why it will be a mistake to pass on Josh Rosen with the 2nd draft pick.

- I am going to save, this morning, an NFL franchise. I'm going to save them from making a hideous mistake. And by the way, this franchise is not a crappy franchise. This franchise has a history of being incredibly relevant. And the city in which they play is incredibly relevant. The city is New York City. Peter King, who comes on this show regularly, he's very well-connected, 30 plus years in football, reported yesterday there is a growing belief the New York Giants will pass on a quarterback at the number two spot in the draft.

The New York Giants, by doing that, would be making a colossal mistake. And I'm going to save them now. There are, I don't know, five obvious reasons why you should take a quarterback with the number two pick. Number one is the New York Giants are rarely this awful. And they rarely ascend to the number two pick. So when you get it, take advantage of it.

Number two is you're going to face Carson Wentz for the next decade. You're going to face Carson Wentz 20 times minimum in the next decade. You better be well armed. Because he's going to be an all-timer. Also, this is a solid quarterback class. Five, six guys are draftable. Two or three could be stars. Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen both could be available at the number two pick. I'm not a fan of Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen. They could be available too.

Another reason is, let's see, you've got OBJ at wide receiver and Evan Engram at tight end. One's a star. One's about to be. Wouldn't you want to find the next young quarterback to grow with them for the next seven years? Because reportedly, the Giants loved both OBJ and Engram and they're going to pay OBJ a king's ransom.

And the fifth reason is obviously Eli Manning is 37 years old. That's pretty obvious. But these are not the reasons that you, as the New York Giants, have to take the number two pick a quarterback. Who did the New York Giants just hire? Pat Shurmur. Most of you don't know who Pat Shurmur is. Pat Shurmur is the next Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco. Everywhere he goes, quarterbacks get better.

He is fantastic. The last time he had Nick Foles for his season, Nick Foles threw for 27 TDs and two picks. Chip Kelly wasn't doing the day to day coaching on him, Pat Shurmur was. Pat Shurmur had Case Keenum this year. Case Keenum had a 98 quarterback rating with Pat Shurmur. That's with their star receiver missing several games and losing their star running back in in the first month. 70% completion on certain days, 67% for the year. 22 TDs, seven picks for Case Keenum.

Folks, let me save the New York Giants. Taking a quarterback number two is a risk. But it is significantly less of a risk if you have the hottest offensive coordinator in the game, Pat Shurmur. He has turned Nick Foles and Case Keenum into what some people, even smart people think, they're both backups, are franchise quarterbacks.

Peter King's reporting the Giants will pass at number two. Do not do that. You never get the number two pick in New York. It is a good quarterback class. Carson Wentz twenty times in a decade. Eli is getting old. You have a star receiver and a tight end. But most of all, you just hired the current coordinator of note that takes quarterbacks who are good, and make some really special.

Thus, like marinade on a steak, makes them all better. Even if it's an average cut. Draft either Darnold or Rosen, probably Rosen's available. Do not choose a defensive end, are running back, a left tackle an interior linemen. Do not, Giants. I just saved your franchise from losing potentially to Carson Wentz in the Eagles 20 straight times in the next 10 years.