Colin Cowherd says Russell Westbrook and Paul George in Oklahoma City isn’t working

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Colin Cowherd discusses the Oklahoma City Thunder and Indiana Pacers heading in to the second-half of the season. Colin analyzes the Thunder through the first 59 games of the season and why it isn't working in OKC with Paul George and Russell Westbrook.

- Kristine, I thought tomorrow is the second half of the NBA season. So I was going to pick two teams--

- At random.

- Just two. At random.

- How many are in there?

- It's a bunch of pieces of paper. 30. So just random I'm going to pick two teams. So I don't want to know which teams, I just want to start the second half so, let me just, hold on, hold on-- well I couldn't, I may knock it over. I'll just pick, how about I pick this one. This one. Let's check it out. Excuse me. Well it's Oklahoma City!

KRISTINE LEAHY: Oh, what are the chances?

- What are the chances of that? That's my first team. That's my first team, Oklahoma City. So as we start the second half of the season, let's talk about Russell Westbrook, excuse me, the MVP of the league. So they added an all-star forward, and they added a guy who's going to make the Hall of Fame, not my favorite player, but Carmelo Anthony, he's a hall of famer. So let's check in. They are currently losers of six of their last 10, one game worse than last year at this time, a game and a half from being a non playoff team, and 500 against the West.

COLIN COWHERD: Mr. MVP's team, points down. Assists down. Field goal percentage down. Three point percentage down. Record down, through 59 games compared to last year. Got an all-star and a hall of famer. Not working out. Interesting. So let's, let's go to the bowl and pick a second team here, Kristine. Here we go. Let's go to the bowl here's all these teams-- why there's a yellow piece of paper in there.

KRISTINE LEAHY: Is that the one you should pick?

- I just think I'm going to. Just sticks out.

KRISTINE LEAHY: Yeah, so random.

- Let's pick out the yellow piece of paper. Indiana Pacers! That is so random, because Paul George came from Indiana, and remember when he did the Oklahoma City Police sent out a tweet that was pretty funny, that said they're reporting a theft by the Thunder that stole Paul George, and all they had to give up was Domantas Sabonis, a rookie, and Victor Oladipo. Yeah I remember that. So let's check out on their numbers. I mean, there were less players, right?

Since they've left Westbrook, they're 33 and 25. Their record's better than last year. Their points up. Field goal percentage up. Three point percentage up. Rebounds up. Victor Oladipo playing the same amount of minutes, field goal percentage, three point percentage points, assists, all improved without Russell Westbrook. Sabonis is playing 4 and 1/2 minutes more a game. He's doubled his points, doubled his rebounds, and doubled his assists.

We play a little NBA game this morning, randomly picking two teams, Oklahoma City and Indiana. The second half of the NBA season starts tomorrow. I mean, I'm not trying to make any point or anything, but Mr. MVP, given star players, everybody's playing worse. And Sabonis and Oladipo leave Mr. MVP, and they're suddenly better. Just a random two teams we picked out. Mr. MVP, triple double, most valuable player in the league. Never did think he deserved it. Still don't. I think I've made my point.