Colin Cowherd’s reaction to Louisville vacating their 2013 NCAA title

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Colin Cowherd talks Louisville Cardinals after they vacated their 2013 NCAA title. Hear his thoughts on Rick Pitino and more.

- If you ask coaches, they'll tell you it's a dirty program. And they got busted, and they have to vacate a title. And you can point fingers that this guy is dirty, and that guy is dirty, and I know that college basketball recruiting is, you know, greasier than a fast food apron to begin with. But Louisville's always been, since Pitino got there, a sketchy program.

And we all know, there's a handful of like Ole Miss football is a sketchy program. They finally got busted. Everybody in college football knew Ole Miss was paying some players. It was a terrible secret. I mean, I mentioned on the air several years ago. I said there's a southern program that's going to get busted, because my sources at Alabama, Alabama guys were saying for three or four years we won't even recruit kids from Mississippi at the end of the recruiting process, because we know it comes down to the last three weeks, Ole Miss will pay them. Ole Miss is a dirty program.

Louisville's a dirty basketball program. I've got nothing against them. I'm not saying the Denny Crum years were, but like with Pitino, they had a bad reputation. It was oily. It was greasy. It was just not trustworthy. I mean, they essentially had a brothel on campus. So I don't feel bad at all. I don't think everybody cheats. Now, I think the NCAA and the FBI, there's this big thing coming out and it's going to show that a bunch of people were cheating. And I think college basketball recruiting is problematic to begin with. I really do.

I think everybody has moments. Everybody's hands, mostly, sullied or a little dirty, but Louisville had a bad reputation. And I trust my sources, and they've been saying this for years with Pitino. This is a dirty program. And everybody knows who's got the dirty programs. Not everybody is all in on the cheating. There's about six to eight kids every year in college basketball that are coming out of high school, coming out of AAU basketball, and they're willing to be paid. And all the good guys know who they are, and all the bad guys know who they are.

And the good programs, and the ethical coaches get out of it and don't recruit them. Everybody knows who's up for bid. There's about six to eight kids coming out of high school every year, they're up for bid. They're up for bid. Louisville is one of those programs. There are better. Butler, they're not. You know, there's programs that, like Purdue, runs a clean program. Gonzaga runs a clean program. The guy at Michigan right now runs a clean program. There are a lot of guys that are clean. But Louisville, that's a dirty program. They're a bitter. They get involved, and so I don't feel bad at all. You know, I mean, I feel bad for the fans, because it's not their fault. They just want to win basketball games.