Colin Cowherd details why Kirk Cousins should avoid the Jets

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Colin Cowherd talks QB Kirk Cousins. Find out why Colin thinks Cousins should avoid the New York Jets and look to play for a different NFL team moving forward

- These players in the NFL they always complain about being franchised. And that's a big thing that players don't like. Players are like whoa, I want a long term deal. OK, Kirk Cousins' last two years, he's been franchised. And because of it, he's been massively overpaid, he's made like $48 million. And now he says, listen, I'll go to a team and-- by the way, a lot of teams would like him.

If I was Kirk Cousins I would not go to the New York Jets. The New York Jets have not been a stable franchise. And one of the things Kirk Cousins is, as a human being, is a very stable human being. Kirk Cousins is not a great quarterback. He is a very stable, god fearing kid. The Washington Redskins were unstable. He shows up, stability. The Jets are unstable.

Like sometimes you have to match your personality with a company or it gets very frustrating. If you're a risk taker go to a company that takes risks. If you're a very stable, coachable guy, and that's what Kirk Cousins is, that's his personality, don't go to the Jets.

If you're asking me, I'm Kirk Cousins and I know you'd think I'm crazy but I'd take the Jaguars first because with Tom Coughlin, I think they have some stability. I'd go to the Vikings, I'd go to the Cardinals, I'd go to the Broncos and Elway. The Jets would probably be my fifth choice. It's nothing against the Jets but Brett Favre went there 22 TDs, 22 picks. Remember that year for Brett Favre? This is with Brett Favre's talent 22 TDs, 22 picks with the Jets.

You thought he was done. The next year he goes to Minnesota, 33 touchdowns, 7 picks. OK, so look at what the Jets did to Brett Favre. OK, Kirk Cousins does not have Brett Favre's talent. I think he's a really stable kid, rock solid, but there are-- I would call them the futile five in the NFL that are consistently chaotic. Cleveland, the Jets, Miami, Tampa, and the Bears. And he's too stable of a kid to go to those unstable organizations.

There's a scarcity of really good quarterbacks in the world. So he's going to get paid and I wouldn't have a problem paying him. I think he's a franchise quarterback. I wouldn't get caught up-- I've told you this before, in my business, don't chase money chase management.

There's a sea of money out there. There's not a sea of reliable management. There's a lot of money out there for a lot of people, OK? But it doesn't matter if you're a stockbroker or a landscaper, don't chase money chase stability. Because unstable environments unravel your business, unravel you, they're frustrating. To me, Kirk Cousins, his personality doesn't match the Jets at all and he'd become wildly frustrated.