Colin Cowherd is not happy that Rockets guard James Harden is the favorite for MVP

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Chris Broussard and Colin Cowherd discuss the MVP race as the second half of the NBA season is set to get underway. How should the term "valuable" be perceived?

- Are you saying he should be the most valuable player this year?

- OK, so you and I are gonna struggle with this again. So James Harden's gonna win it.

- As he should, come on.

- When Harden was on the floor with LeBron yesterday, who felt bigger?

- Well, LeBron is bigger and better. Nobody's saying that LeBron's not the best player in the world.

- But you're a stats guy.

- No, Harden is having more of an impact on his team. His team is having a better season, and his numbers are through the roof, than LeBron's team. LeBron played poorly for an entire month.

- LeBron was bored with the league for a month.

- OK, maybe. Whatever the reason, he didn't play up to LeBron James' standards for a month.

- Oh, so now he's a victim of his standards.

- LeBron was last in the league in plus-minus for 19 straight games. Think about that.

- Plus-minus is a made-up stat with a guy with a pocket protector.


In the '70s, if you went to the Y, you went to the Y, you and me went to the Y-- you and I are like, yo, Broussard, your plus-minus is whack. You'd be like--

- I knew, I was ahead of my time in the '70s.

COLIN COWHERD: You were not.

- I was one of the few.

- That's a goofy baseball-- I don't give a rip about plus-minus.

- But look, the team was a mess. And LeBron's the best player in the world. Did Michael Jordan win the MVP every year he was the best player in the world?

- And it was ridiculous he didn't.

- But he didn't. So the standard has been set. The precedent has been set. And so we go with the guy who has the best impact that year on his team. LeBron is the most valuable player in the league every year, just in terms of value.

- That's what the word is.

- He brings the most value to the league.


- But it's gonna be Harden. Harden's gonna get my vote--

COLIN COWHERD: And by the way, do you have any--

- --unless something changes dramatically.

COLIN COWHERD: Kristine ran in--