Colin Cowherd reveals why Aaron Rodgers will end his Packers career with only one Super Bowl victory

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Recognizing that the Packers have the most difficult 2018-2019 NFL schedule, Colin Cowherd reveals why Aaron Rodgers will end his career in Green Bay with only one Super Bowl victory. Has the Super Bowl window officially closed on Rodgers?

- The Packers have the hardest strength of schedule. They have to play at the Rams, at the Patriots, at Seattle. Then they play Atlanta and San Francisco at home. And I actually think the Packers Super Bowl windows is kind of closed. I think Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Jimmy Garoppolo, Philly, LA, and San Francisco. I think the Packers window for Super Bowls is closed. I think there's too many good quarterbacks, too many good coaches in markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia that are much more attractive free agent markets. I also think Minnesota's roster's loaded. New Orleans' got a tremendous young group of players.

So it's the first time in about a decade between Favre and Aaron Rodgers that if you asked me Super Bowl favorites, I don't think of Green Bay. I just don't. I'm not saying it couldn't happen. But if-- like, right now, top my head, if you're like, Super Bowl teams. I'm thinking Pittsburgh, New England, Philadelphia, Minnesota, New Orleans. I'm not thinking Pack-- in fact, I think the Rams have a significantly better roster. Top to bottom, Rams have a significant-- well they actually have a running back. So. I don't know. I just don't-- I think Aaron Rodgers is going to end with one Super Bowl. One trip, one Super Bowl. There's nothing wrong with that. He'll be a Hall of Famer. But I just don't feel-- I just think the NFC's too thick. I think Garoppolo, Kyle Shanahan are now better. And they've proven they can draft. And I think the Rams, and Goff and McVay are better. I think Wentz, Doug Pederson in Philadelphia are better. I think Brees and the Saints talent right now's significantly better into [INAUDIBLE].