Colin Cowherd: Boston does everything right, but Cleveland is still better because of LeBron James

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In his reaction to Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman's blockbuster trades for the Cleveland, Colin Cowherd compares the Boston Celtics' moves to that of the Cavaliers, illuminating why, despite their perennially calculated efforts, Danny Ainge's team still falls short of The King's Cavs because LeBron James is the greatest current NBA player.

You know I was thinking about this this morning. They wrote a book years ago. It was called "The Millionaire Next Door." And it was a really interesting book. I remember somebody gave it to me in college.

And it was, live below your means, use coupons, pay off your mortgage, pay down your debt, buy used cars, all the prudent moves, and you'll be successful. And that's what the Celtics are. They have a smart, engaged but quiet owner, veteran respected general manager, brilliant head coach, accumulated all these draft picks. They win every trade. They're the "millionaire next door."

They've done it the right way. They've saved their pennies. They don't waste money. They don't have bad contracts. They accumulate draft picks. The Celtics are the "millionaire next door."

So how frustrating must it be that Cleveland, who's got terrible cap management, an ego-infused owner, horrible contracts, chemistry issues, below-average head coach, blows their roster up, and this morning Cleveland's still better than Boston. I mean, the Celtics are doing everything right. They're pulling up in that used 2007 Camry that gets great gas mileage. And they live below their means. And they're paying off their debt. They don't have any credit card debt.

And here are the Cavs. And they just took out a second mortgage to buy a boat. And everything that shouldn't work-- but you know what? They're the ones-- because they got in on Bitcoin at the right time, it doesn't matter. They can screw up every other investment.

That's the power of LeBron. I mean, Cleveland has screwed so many things up. They've screwed up coaching hires, the Isaiah Thomas trade. They butchered number one picks like Anthony Bennett. But because they have LeBron, today they're better than Boston.

Boston's done everything right. They've done everything right. They win every trade. And they're still not as good as Cleveland. And that just shows you the power of LeBron.

It reminds me-- years ago, Paul Allen-- the three guys that were the big guys at Microsoft were Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Steve Ballmer. Bill's still there, Ballmer owns the Clippers, and Paul Allen owns the Seahawks and the Blazers.

And Paul Allen had all his Microsoft stock. And he was investing in a bunch of other companies. At one point, he had 54 companies, like 50 of them were under water. But he was still the second richest guy in America? Because he had his Microsoft stock.

And that's the thing with LeBron. LeBron is the great eraser. You can make a bad coaching hire, butcher a number one pick, have a flaky-- you can run through general managers.

It doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter. You've got LeBron. He's the the great eraser. He overcomes everything.