Colin Cowherd’s message to Magic Johnson: Lonzo is only relevant because he’s a Laker, and LaVar is his dad

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In light of LaVar Ball's latest threats to Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka and the Los Angeles Lakers' brass, Colin Cowherd highlights that Lonzo Ball is really only relevant because of his dad's antics and the fact that he, Lonzo, plays for the Purple and Gold. Should Magic and Rob Pelinka trade Lonzo from LA?

- Magic Johnson should consider a Lonzo Ball-for-Devin Booker trade with the Suns. I don't think that's going to happen because I don't think Phoenix is giving him up. Although, Phoenix did like Lonzo Ball out of college.

But I was just thinking about this. So LaVar Ball, I've always been kind of a believer that LaVar Ball is just a goofy loudmouth. But he got three sons into UCLA, so I'm not going to judge him. I didn't do that. That's pretty impressive. That's quite an accomplishment.

Now, he's screwed it up since then, you know? But he's got two of his sons are in Lithuania playing against goats, and Lonzo is now not playing. And LaVar is making demands to Magic Johnson that you've got to take his sons or he's going to move Lonzo. And I'm not sure LaVar even understands the way contracts work.

But, anyway, I was thinking about this this morning. And I hope Magic Johnson-- I think he knows this, and I hope he tells LaVar this. If Lonzo Ball got traded, outside of maybe four or five teams, we would not talk about Lonzo Ball.

Some of you text me, tweet me, and you're like, Colin, you talk a lot about Lonzo Ball. Because he's a Laker. That's why I talk about Lonzo Ball. He's a Laker. And, yes, if he got traded to the Knicks, or to Lebron's team, or the Warriors, or maybe the Celtics, we'd still talk about him.

But LaVar Ball's business, as far as I can tell, is seeking attention. That's what LaVar Ball's trying to do. To build BBB brand, he needs attention. He needs eyeballs. He's punching up. He wants you to react.

Well, if LaVar Ball is seeking attention to build his brand, he's making potentially a horrible mistake. Because if Magic Johnson is tired of these threats and realizes LeBron will not play with this circus, Lonzo Ball would disappear overnight from my radar if he moved to all but about five teams. There's no question I'd cover him if he was a Knick. And I'd cover him if he played with LeBron or Golden State. And probably with the Celtics you'd watch because how would LaVar, Danny Ainge, Boston's culture, how would it work?

But remember, Lonzo Ball is not a dynamic player. And he's not very verbal. He doesn't talk much. He's only interesting, to a large degree, because he's a Laker. I mean, don't get me wrong. You know, Babe Ruth was interesting and the Yankees were. Mickey Mantle was interesting. A-Rod was interesting and the Yankees were. But Scott Brosius is not interesting unless he is a Yankee.

And to this point, Lonzo is like a 9-point-a-game guy who's not healthy and not overly dynamic. I like his game. But this is much more about him fitting with the Lakers than just him. If Lonzo was in Sacramento, Orlando, New Orleans, Phoenix, Portland, Denver, he's not getting any national pub. And that's what LaVar wants, right, to build the BBB brand-- national pub, international pub.

So I hope Magic realizes that. I think he does. And I hope he tells LaVar that. If you're in the attention seeking business, at this point in Lonzo's career, the Lakers are 70% of the interesting part. Lonzo's 30% of the interesting part.