Colin Cowherd has two takeaways from Steve Kerr letting his players coach against the Suns

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Colin Cowherd talks Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors after their blowout win against the Phoenix Suns. Find out what Colin had to say about Kerr's move.

- He has played on arguably the greatest team ever, the mid-nineties Bulls, and now he's coaching arguably the greatest team ever, The Warriors. So he knows of what he speaks. And the NBA has always been two seasons. I used to joke with Bill Simmons all the time. He'd get worked up during the regular season. I'm like, "Bill for great teams there's two seasons, there's autopilot, OK, that's the regular season, that's the autopilot, and then there's the turbulence and you're flying through a storm, that's the playoffs." For the Bulls and the Warriors, they put it on autopilot.

Never forget this about the Bulls, the '95 '96 Bulls, maybe the best team I've ever seen, probably the best team I've ever seen with this Warrior team and the show time Lakers, never forget this. You know who they lost to that year? 21-61 Toronto, 35-47 Denver, bad Phoenix teams, bad Charlotte teams. Now Indiana was good and beat them a couple of times, but by and large they were bored out of their minds, and Steve Kerr gets this.

But here's the two things I take away from this that really jump out to me what Steve Kerr did. Number one is, Steve Kerr knows the number one criticism of him right now in the NBA as, "Well hell, anybody can coach these guys. Luke Walton won like 25 straight. Mike Brown's been fired multiple times, he won." So Steve Kerr knows that, that the number one criticism of him is anybody could do this, yet he has the self confidence to let his players coach the team. Like how much does that tell you about the confidence and the self-esteem and the raw intelligence of Steve Kerr? That knowing that people are going to push back and go, "He's like no, I'm good. I know I know what I'm doing." That's the number one thing.

The second thing is he acknowledges that the Golden State Warriors on their fourth straight voyage to the finals, by the way only the second for the K.D. Warriors, he acknowledges they're fried. They are shot, they're bored. He's Charlie Brown's teacher. So my number one point is it shows the great confidence of Steve Kerr, my second point is LeBron's making his eighth straight voyage to the NBA finals. And you folks won't give LeBron a break when he says he's a little tired or has an off night?

Now think about this: Steph, Klay, Durant, Draymond, deep bench, they're fried as they seek their fourth. And they live in, what I would call, a dynamic town San Francisco, Silicon Valley, great weather. It's a dynamic town. LeBron lives in cold dark Cleveland. He's going for his eighth straight final, and none of you will give him a break when he has a bad January. Are you kidding me? You've got all these guys in San Francisco, frankly, the Kevin Durant Warriors are not even-- they're a year and a half into this. They're shot, fried, tedious, annoyed, bored, LeBran's on his eight straight trip and you're siding with Isaiah Thomas in that mess?

Number one Steve Kerr is really smart and has incredible self-confidence to do this. And number two, it just proves how great LeBron is.