Colin Cowherd: Lane Johnson had ‘fun’ winning SBLII, but Tom Brady had even more with his last 5 rings

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Reflecting on Philadelphia Eagles OT Lane Johnson's disparaging remarks about the New England Patriots' machine-like culture, Colin Cowherd explains how Tom Brady is, in all reality, truly having more 'fun' than anyone else because he's a 5-Time Super Bowl Champion and winning is the New England Patriots' nature.

- You know, I think high five, when you're high fiving people, that's fun. Who high fives more than anybody in the league? Who wins more playoff games and Super Bowls than anybody in the league? Who has the second most touchdowns in 10 years? Who's high fiving? That guy, Tom Brady. That's fun. Gronk's a robot. He's no fun. I watched New England. They win 13, 14 games a year. See, to be having fun for me.

But now, but now, fun. You want to know who's fun? Babysitters are fun. But they're not grownups. Parents are. Grandma's fun, too. Grandma comes over, you go to grandma's house, she's baking cookies all day for you. But grandma forgets her address four days a week and she smells like Larry King. She's grandma. She's fun. Not a grown up. Not a parent, not a dad, not a mom. Your fun guy.

You ever go in Uber? You take Uber, and you get the fun driver? Chatty chatty chatty chatty. Where you from? What you doing? Had a party last night. Had a famous guy in the back of the car two days ago. Chatty chatty chatty Uber driver. Nothing but fun. He loves his work, because it's fun. And you're like bro, you just flew past my exit here. I'm not going to Santa Monica. I'm going to the other side of the tracks. Fun Uber driver.

I go get coffee every morning at Peet's. The more fun the baristas are having with the customers, the worse my experience. Oh, they just engage, small talk, everybody that walks in. It's like hey, almond latte. Nine minutes ago here. Hey, Kabuki. Guy over here needs a little caffeine. You're having a ball behind the counter. I'm miserable. I'm the customer. You want to have fun? Call grandma. You want to win games and matter?

Nick Saban, it's serious. They're having a ball at the University of Tennessee. I think they're on their 13th coach this decade. New England now's not the right way to do it. No, Philadelphia. Those guys, they got it figured out. OK, we'll see. They just lost their offensive coordinator, one of their play designers, their quarterback coach. When Atlanta lost Kyle Shanahan and Matt Lafleur they weren't the same team. My bad, what did I say? I could barely hear me. Yet you can have fun. That's fantastic.

But remember the movie Remember the Titans? Denzel Washington, pretty good in that movie. Remember this scene?

MAN 1: You smiling.

MAN 2: Yes.

MAN 1: Yes, sir.

MAN 2: Yes, sir.

MAN 1: Why are you smiling?

MAN 2: Because I love football. Football's fun.

MAN 1: Fun, sir.

MAN 2: Fun, sir.

MAN 1: It's fun.

MAN 2: Yes.

MAN 1: You sure?

MAN 2: I think.

MAN 1: Now you thinking. First you smile, then you think. You think football is still fun?

MAN 2: Yes.

MAN 1: Sir.

MAN 2: Yes, no. No. Sir, it was fun.

MAN 1: Not anymore though, is it? Is it?

MAN 2: No.

MAN 1: No, it's not fun anymore. Not even a little bit.

MAN 2: No.

MAN 1: Make up your mind. Think. Since you thinking now, think. Is it fun?

MAN 2: No sir.

MAN 1: No.

MAN 2: No sir.

MAN 1: Absolutely not?

MAN 2: Zero fun, sir.

- Go grab a Frisbee, Lane Johnson. Go to the beach, have all the fun you want. Want to make a side bet that New England is going to be good next year? Gronk's having fun, but he also knows, once the season starts, it's down to business. Football is fun when you're winning. Nobody wins more, and more consistently, than Gronk, Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots.