Doug Gottlieb says the Philadelphia Eagles’ toughest challenge is still ahead of them

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Doug Gottlieb strips the Philadelphia Eagles of their underdog status and establishes the target on their back. Doug: ‘What do you do when everybody tells you you’re great? It’s sometimes much more difficult than what you do when everybody tells you you stink.'

- Yesterday was the last moment to which the Eagles are underdogs. It changes once you're a Super Bowl champion. Remember, they were the one seed in the NFC. And what happened was their quarterback went down. Yes, they lost the middle linebacker, but their quarterback went down. And the-- the point spread was more about-- was more about quarterback than it was the entire team being underdogs. Or Howie Roseman being moved inside of the buildings because he lost a power struggle with Chip Kelly.

It sounds great, and there is the reality of, everybody told us we couldn't do it, and we did do it. I would point out the Minnesota Vikings have a wide receiver who was like a walk on, right? Stefon Diggs didn't dress in his first game. You know, Case Keenum was laughed at when he was a quarterback of the St. Louis Rams. I mean, there's an LA Rams.

Like, there are other stories that could have won a Super Bowl that are similar. And, hey, let's also remember-- if the Atlanta Falcons had any sort of sense of what kind of play to run, fourth in goal against the Eagles, they would have won in Philadelphia. And this unbelievable underdog story never would have been. But regardless of all of that-- yes, people took shots at Doug Peterson.

Yes, they were lightly regarded players, including their quarterback whom everybody thought, based upon his late season play. They weren't going to be good enough to win three games and win the Super Bowl, let alone, beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. But yesterday was the last moment to which they are underdogs. Now you're Super Bowl champions. The entire narrative changes.

So you have a laugh at everybody's expense. You can give the finger to everybody in typical Philadelphia fashion. You can say everybody doubt us. They hate us because they ain't us. But now you're champions. And now the challenge becomes even tougher. What do you do when everybody tells you you're great is sometimes much more difficult than what you do when everybody tells you, you stink.