Chris Broussard does not believe LeBron James will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers alone

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Chris Broussard lays out LeBron James' offseason options and weighs the benefits and drawbacks of a potential move to the Western Conference. What would it take to get the Cleveland Cavaliers forward to move out West?

- Magic came out and said, hey, this gives us two open max contract spots for next year or for 2019. What happened yesterday with the Cavs and the Lakers, how do you think that affects the possibility of LeBron coming LA?

- I think it would break down to two things for LeBron. One, what does he feel is better? And not necessarily even in this order, but what does he feel is better, staying in the East, dominating, keep getting into the finals, but losing maybe more often than not?

Or going to the West, and if you get to the finals, you gonna win it, win it all, but you might not get there? Or you might only get there once. You know, is he that upset about 3-5, 3-6 possibly, 3-7, 3-8 in the finals and concerned about what people say about that and how that could impact his legacy?

Second thing, what does Paul George do? Because I don't see LeBron going to LA by himself. If Paul George is ready to go to the Lakers next summer, or this summer, then I think they have a very good chance of getting LeBron and Paul George.