Doug Gottlieb talks Jimmy Garoppolo’s reported 5-year, $137.5M deal with the 49ers

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Doug Gottlieb talks Jimmy Garoppolo after he received a long-term contract from the San Francisco 49ers.

- Jimmy Garoppolo has agreed to terms with the San Francisco 49ers, a five-year $137.5 million contract, the biggest deal in NFL history on an average per-year basis.

So look, you can think that Belichick was nuts and that he gave him away. I agree. I thought he gave-- I thought one-- was it a third-round pick for him? A second-round pick? Second-round pick. For Jimmy Garoppolo. Yeah, they should have gotten a first-round pick for him, at least one. I mean-- and maybe, or a pick and a player.

But the only way in which he would have played was Tom Brady would have been hurt. And they've luckily dodged a bullet, and Tom Brady wasn't hurt. But Jimmy Garoppolo appeared to be worth every penny.

I know they didn't make the playoffs. I think they were better than, maybe half of the playoff teams in the NFC. And definitely half of the playoff teams in the AFC at the end of the season. And he was the reason why. Jimmy Garoppolo, the biggest contract in NFL history.

Niners have found their quarterback. Rams have found their quarterback. Eagles-- I mean, the Seahawks kind of in rebuild mode. And we'll see what the Arizona Cardinals-- they do not have a quarterback.