Doug Gottlieb reveals what Cavs’ fire sale of trades says about the state of Cleveland’s locker room

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In his conversation with Kristine Leahy surrounding Cleveland's recent trade moves, Doug Gottlieb reveals what Dan Gilbert's fire sale of trades says about the state of the Cavaliers locker room. Does getting rid of Isaiah Thomas (among others) solve The King's puzzle?

- If you thought their locker room was in good shape, I give you-- Isaiah Thomas was sent out of town and Dwyane Wade was-- they sent Dwyane Wade back to Miami for a highly protected second-round pick. I didn't even know there were highly protected second-round picks.

Isaiah Thomas, gone, Lakers. Channing Frye, gone, Lakers. They also traded away their own first-round pick, which means they can't trade away the Nets first-round pick.

Iman Shumpert, gone. He's sent to the Kings. Derrick Rose is gone. He's going to the Jazz. And Jae Crowder is gone, also going to the Jazz.

Still think Danny Ainge didn't win that trade this summer?

FEMALE VOICE: Yeah, he won.

- Yeah. Danny Ainge is like, Yeah. Yeah. Any time, I mean, like literally, only thing they're holding on to from that trade is the first-round pick for the Nets, which doesn't look nearly as good. Like people thought the Nets would win like five games this year. Even that is not as bad or as good a pick as people thought.

But look, what it tells you is the locker room is a mess. Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose couldn't handle lesser roles. And honestly, as much as we think some of it has to do with Rich Paul, with the JR Smith, repping JR Smith and repping Tristan Thompson, I also think it speaks to just how bad those contracts are. That they can't get rid of them. That no one wants JR Smith.

Is some of it that he can shoot, and LeBron trusts him to make shots in big spots in the NBA? Sure. No question. But I think a good portion of it is, ain't nobody wants-- JR Smith also has been a problem child elsewhere. He'd be a problem outside of Cleveland. And that contract's bad. And Tristan Thompson's contract is bad.

But they will need name tags in the locker room. They'll need a whole reintroduction thing. And you're right, Chris, like it's really, really, really hard to establish any sort of chemistry this sort of movement. This is like an AAU team. Right?

Like the way it works in AAU basketball, at least in Southern California is, you play a tournament in Southern California, then you play a tournament in Vegas. And you come back and play a tournament in Southern California. And the teams that win it are usually the teams that don't always have the best players, they're just more of a team, and they've stuck together through all three tournaments. And they've played together growing up.

Whereas some of the AAU stars, the top 100, top 50, top 25 guys, they bounce team to team to team. That's what this feels like. This is the AAU-ization of the NBA. And I like-- look, I like Rodney Hood. And he's versatile. And he can score. And he's athletic. And he's pretty young.

Just don't film him with your cell phone when he's walking off the floor. He clearly doesn't like that. That's like the one flaw I found in Rodney Hood. He has-- he's not as well regarded in Utah as he used to be.

I like George Hill. And this is Sacramento. They're not going to play Derrick Rose. They're trying to get rid of George Hill to get some sort of value in return, because they want De'Aaron-- one, they want to lose. Get a better draft pick. And two, they want to develop De'Aaron Fox.

But the big acquisitions over the summer, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, Jae Crowder, Dwyane Wade are all gone. So how did those acquisitions go for you? Wow.