Kristine Leahy questions what Isaiah Thomas’ exit means for Ty Lue and LeBron’s Cavs moving forward

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Joined by Doug Gottlieb, Kristine Leahy questions what Isaiah Thomas' exit means for Ty Lue, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers moving forward. Will this save Cleveland's locker room and elevate The King's squad to be the top contender in the Eastern Conference?

REPORTER: Isaiah said that he talked about adjustments and how other teams adjust during games and the Cavs do not.

- That's not true.

REPORTER: That's what he said.

- Yeah well that's not true. Yeah

- That didn't go over so well.

- It did not go over so well. And it also makes me think about that moment that we showed from last night's game where LeBron was celebrating, and Isaiah tried to get in on it. And LeBron is probably thinking dude I just traded you last night or I'm about to trade you in the morning, I don't know you, stay away, you're done. Don't you think? Maybe there's a chance he already knew he wasn't involving him in that.

- It's one thing to not be well liked, it's another thing to be loathed. And I think he was loathed. I think he was a guy who he had just gotten there and he was commenting on everything. And not everything he said was wrong. Matter of fact, a lot of things he said was right. But you know you can be right and you can be out of a job and that's basically what happened.

This is a guy, I mean his stock, think about the market. Had he been a free agent at the end of last year and didn't have the hip, it's a big if he didn't have the hip. He had 29 points a game. His new salary would likely be-- overall salary you're talking $100 million type of deal. I don't think you get a max deal but I think it would be a lengthy, very expensive deal. Now he's a guy you can't have on a successful team.

- Right and from what I'm seeing it doesn't look like the Lakers are involving him in their long term plans. It's just going to be for the rest of the season and then we'll see what happens with him. And he is a free agent.

- Lonzo's has been hurt, he's coming back from the knee, he'll get to play there. and they'll find a way to use him and it'll be good because there are only a couple of teams-- you couldn't trade him like to Sacramento because Sacramento is trying to develop Daren Fox. You can't trade him to one of these bad, bad teams because they're trying to stink. They're trying to lose as many games as possible. The Lakers are trying to have their young players get them to that borderline. They've been playing well of late.

Last thing they need is some dude coming in and popping off. So he'll actually fit into that Jordan Clarkson role but--

- Not for long.

- No.

- This also brings up two more things for me. One, does this officially now end the argument of who won the Kyrie Irving trade?

- Oh I didn't know there was an argument.

- Well Colin made the argument but--

- Danny Ainge.

- Danny Ainge absolutely won that trade.

- How about this one, here's a better way to put it. No GM has his phone number blocked by more GMs than Danny Ainge right? Denny Ainge is going like nope, not even picking up the phone.

- But it is a good day to be in Boston right now. They're probably looking at this and laughing. Also, this officially ends any kind of drama that there would have been on Paul Pierce's video night, or Paul Pierce's retirement night because Isaiah will not be there and he won't have to have his video played so we can put that to rest.