Nick Wright says Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wants to be Jerry Jones

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Nick Wright tells Colin Cowherd that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is at fault for his team's struggles this year. Wright to Gilbert: "You are squandering your last best chance to win a title so you can end up with the 7th overall pick."

- Who do you blame?

- OK, well, the people that are saying, LeBron, this is your mess, simply don't know what they're talking about. LeBron is the only reason the Cleveland Cavaliers are not the Cleveland Browns. And Dan Gilbert has forgotten that.

Who do I blame? I blame the guy who has ruined this entire season. And that is the owner, Dan Gilbert, who decided he wanted to play fantasy GM this year. Let me just do a quick little history lesson for the audience. LeBron, when he went back to Cleveland, did not trust Dan Gilbert. He signed a one year deal. Used that leverage to make sure they signed Tristan Thompson. How did that work out? Oh, he was a key component to them winning the title. He then signed another one year deal because he did not trust Dan Gilbert. How did that work out? Oh, they ended up winning the title. After winning the title, LeBron says, OK, I'll sign a 2 plus 1-- a two year deal.

How does Dan Gilbert respond? Immediately! In the off season, first off season where LeBron can't leave, he does not bring back David Griffin. He goes against LeBron's wishes and trades away Kyrie Irving. Finds out he traded away Kyrie Irving for more damaged goods than they had first thought to the point where they can void the trade. LeBron tells them to void the trade. He won't do that either, lets the trade go through, has done nothing at the trade deadline, and has become buddies with under-dog Isaiah Thomas, who has been the single worst player in the NBA this year. That's not opinion. That's just fact.

- Yeah, he's--


- Go ahead.

- He's the lowest ranked defensive player in the history of the-- or it is in the last 25 years, Isaiah Thomas, I believe, is the lowest ranked defensive player currently.

- On the bright side, he's shooting 23 percent from three.


And by the way, he's inside the locker room after being there for six weeks accusing other players of sports treason. So that's fun as well. But Dan Gilbert always considered himself some underdog, not quite sure why, but he did. And so he and Isaiah Thomas have become buddies.

This is what LeBron was always afraid of. I show any trust, any loyalty to Dan Gilbert, and this happens to me. Yet despite that, LeBron won't abandon ship. I'm not a reporter, Colin, but I sometimes do some reporting. I reported this on First Things First this morning. I now can tell you and your audience.

I know for a fact, one of the leading NBA title contenders in this league tried to trade for LeBron this week. And LeBron wouldn't waive the no trade clause. Why? Because he doesn't want to abandon Cleveland mid-year. Somehow people are going to turn that into LeBron being something other than a good guy trying to win a title in Cleveland. I'm not sure the mental gymnastics it will take. But I know some will take it. Because the answer to all those their questions has to be, it's LeBron's fault. As opposed to, LeBron's been the solution.

One last thing on Dan Gilbert, who wants to keep this sacred Brooklyn pick, oh my god, the seventh pick in the draft. How do you win titles in this league? You have a top 20 all time player. That's the way it's been done in the last 40 years for every single title team except for the Detroit Pistons. All of them have had a top 20 all time player. You have one right now. You are squandering your last best chance to win a title so you can end up with the seventh overall pick. Makes a lot of sense. It makes sense to no one. But Dan Gilbert wants to be the NFL's Jerry Jones. He's just left out the win three titles in your first decade of ownership part of it.