Colin Cowherd draws parallels between LeBron and Andrew Luck’s first 6 seasons

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Colin Cowherd compares similarities between Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's first 6 seasons in their respective leagues and the discord heading into year 7.

COLIN COWHERD: If you're Andrew Luck, do you feel a little bit like LeBron's first six or seven years in Cleveland? You know, LeBron takes over as the number one pick, like Andrew Luck. Comes to a team with a history of losing. You know, let's be honest, outside of Peyton Manning, Colts have been kind of sad. And then all of a sudden, you're, you know, dominant, win a bunch of games.

LeBron doubled the Cav's win total, wins Rookie of the Year. Andrew Luck goes 11 and 5. They get a playoff berth. Then about six years in, you're firing coaches, you don't have the right guy. And you wake up this morning and you're looking for another great momentum builder, another block. It's masonry, right? It's the NFL.

LeBron and Andrew Luck-- this is why I say Andrew Luck, why do you quarterbacks rush to re-sign? Like LeBron's first six years in Cleveland, they just couldn't get stability, and they couldn't get him a guy. Andrew Luck's going into what, his sixth year, seventh year? They don't know who their coach is, the owner's impulsive. They got a new smart GM. He just got dogged by the Patriots.

You still have an average offensive line. Running game is below average, but at least now it's close to average, and your defense stinks. LeBron left. I'm not saying Andrew Luck should. But I didn't understand two years ago when he rushed to sign a contract. And I don't understand why Aaron Rodgers rushed to sign a contract. You so rarely in life get leverage. You should at least consider using it.