Colin Cowherd thinks Tom Brady gave Malcolm Butler a job recommendation via social media

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Colin Cowherd on Tom Brady supporting Malcolm Butler on social media after the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

COLIN COWHERD: I ask Jimmy Johnson, you know, the all time great coach. I asked him, what is leadership. And I was talking to him one time, and he said, you know, I don't even know what leadership is. You know, kind of a nebulous term, leadership. And, I mean, if you're driving around listening or watching today, and you know, what defines leadership. Some people are, kind of, intimidating. Some people reach out. Some people are high volume. Some people are more quiet. Leadership can look like a lot of things.

But let me show you what leadership was yesterday. Tom Brady illustrated leadership. And this is why I'm critical of guys in the NBA I always say. The best players in the NBA, we fall in love with talent. Blake Griffin, John Wall, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, they have no leadership abilities. They're just talented. Chris Paul is a leader. Steph Curry is a leader. Magic Johnson was a leader. How do I define it? I don't know, but I know it when I see it.

So Malcolm Butler is the player that Bill Belichick benched, right. He benched him for the Super Bowl, and it didn't necessarily go well reportedly in the locker room. Malcolm Butler came out yesterday, and released on Instagram this message. He at listen man, I've always given everything I have. I play at the high level. I would never do anything to hurt my teammates, including this year's Super Bowl. I never attended any concert. I never missed a curfew. I never participated in any of the ridiculous activities being reported. So Malcolm Butler is a free agent. He wanted to be known, hey man, I'm a good dude. So it could have just laid right there.

OK. Could of just laid there. Tom Brady didn't need to do, excuse me. Tom Brady didn't have to do what he did. But Tom Brady is a leader responded. And he went to Instagram, busy guy. Probably not in the country today. And he said, love you Malcolm. You're an incredible player and teammate, and a friend always. That's leadership. Because you know what that is--

- Always.

COLIN COWHERD: Always. You know what that is? That's a job recommendation.

- Yeah.

COLIN COWHERD: The whole league is going, what did Malcolm Butler do? And Tom Brady is like, no, no, no, no, no. This guy's a great guy, and this guy is a great teammate. And you know why that's important? And this goes for governments and businesses. New England, like a lot of businesses in America, is run by rich old guys. Bob Kraft is a rich old guy, and Bill Belichick is a rich old guy. And Tom Brady, in the context of a locker room, is a rich old guy. And in the NFL, those locker rooms are mostly young guys fighting for a spot.

And rich old guys have to realize that a lot of the heavy lifting in the NFL is done by the poor young guys that want to be rich old guys. Tom Brady reached down to his teammates and recommended that you NFL teams should sign Malcolm Butler. Because Tom Brady, this is what leaders do, didn't have to do that. But I think to reconcile a little bit of that tension in the locker room, needed to do it. And he did. I was always critical of Derrick Rose when he said, it's not my job to call LeBron if he's a free agent. Damn right it is. Or do you want to be Derrick Rose. How's it work out for you?

Chris Paul gets on the phone Steph got on the phone. Steph recruits other players. LeBron does. So does D-Wade. It is your job if winning matters. New England's all about rich old dude's. Kraft, Belichick, Brady. But a lot of the lifting and companies and governments and teams in America is by young guys who aren't rich. Young guys who are just hoping they can get to your spot. And the greater that gap and the more separation there is, the poorer the communication and dynasties fray and fall apart. That is leadership. That was a job recommendation by Tom Brady. Reaching down to a guy he didn't need to, didn't have to, right. Leaving the team. Didn't even play in the Super Bowl much. And like, I got your back. Wish more people would follow suit with that.