Chris Broussard details why 2019 could be the prime year for LeBron to explore options outside of Cleveland

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Chris Broussard talks LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. What will 'The King' do at the end of this season?

- I do think LeBron has no appetite for getting back to the finals and getting crushed. I really do. And I think that, for all the problems that they're experiencing in Cleveland, that's the one thing that could keep them from getting back to the finals.

Not that they'll quit, but they just won't be motivated. He won't be as motivated as he should be. And, as a result, the players will feed off of that negatively. Just like they're feeding off is negative energy, right now.


- And then, they won't play up to their abilities, and they'll lose in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. So I do think that part is right. Look, I think, most likely, he's leaving Cleveland. My question is this. Where are you going?

You should wait till 2019, in my opinion. Because the landscape will be much clearer. Like the Lakers. OK. If you wait till 2019, you'll know what those young kids are, more than you do now. Paul George will have spent-- it looks like he's staying in OKC--

INTERVIEWER: Well that's just--

- Yeah, but I think it's to the point. And he may change his mind. But he would almost look like a phony, if he goes to LA, and it's not due to any implosion, or just anything he has with Rust that's negative.

If they just continue to play pretty well, get to the second round, losing six, and it looks like things are going pretty well, and he leaves to go to the Lakers, with the comments he's made, it'll look a little bit phony. So let's say, George will have stayed there two years, second round and out, both times.

Now, he's ready to leave. So you could go to the Lakers with him or Philadelphia. Joel, will then be, if you go now, you'll say, is he gonna stay healthy? If you wait till 2019, maybe you'll be to see two full seasons, NB's been healthy.

I could go there and help them. New York. Let's see if they do anything put something around Porzingis. San Antonio. Will Kawhi's situation be settled? Then, you could maybe go-- I just think the landscape will be more clear, in 2019, for LeBron.